Jim Caviezel Denied Jennifer Lopez Nude Love Scenes

Jim Caviezel, who starred with in “Angel Eyes,” tells the New York Post why he insisted on having Jennifer Lopez keep her clothes on during their love scenes in that film admitting, “I just said, ‘Look, put a top on her. I’m gonna keep my shorts on, she’s gonna keep hers on. Get the camera and shoot around it.’ And that’s out of devotion, love and respect to my wife.”

J.Lo Song Used On The Globes Ripped By Rosie

January 21, 2002 – Well anyone that watched the Globes last night must have been cringing at the debacle that was Jennifer Lopez’s breakout hit, ‘Waiting For Tonight’ transformed into some cheesy promotional gimmick to open the Golden Globe Awards Sunday. Rosie O’Donnell agreed doing a sarcastic impression of the ‘Waiting For The Globes’ song where she thought while watching it that it would end up being part of a joke, but it wasn’t.

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