Jimmy Fallon Plays Lance Bass In Space

One of Jimmy Fallon’s skits at the Video Music Awards on Thursday was on *NSYNC star Lance Bass.

Fallon, as Bass, said, “Hey, guys. It’s me, Lance Bass. Bass sings the bass, you know, I want my babyback babyback, you know, the hits. I’m going to level with you. I actually launched myself into space. I was pushing buttons trying to set the presets in the stereo, next thing I know, I called the Russians for help but I’m worried. What does tough sh** Mean? But Justin was really amazing. And Brandy, wow, you could see those from space. Gaga gaga. Hey, I’m starving to death, guys. I don’t know if any of you guys are coming to space soon, but fur, could you bring me a Southwest Steak Burrito from Taco Bell? Yeah, I’m thinking outside the bun everybody, cha-ching. Taco Bell is one of my sponsors. They bought me some moon boots, y’all. It’s boring up here. There’s nothing to do. Well, there’s one thing, waxing the capsule, you know what I’m talking about? ( Laughter ) You know what I’m talking about, in a zero g environment, cleanup is a bitch. If any of you guys are thinking about coming to space, don’t. It sucks. There’s no queen, no Yoda. Please help me, seriously. I’m running out of air here. One more thing. Any of you guys know how to use a zero gravity toilet? I thought I did, but god was I wrong. Thanks MTV. Here’s my buddies, *NSYNC.”

NASA TV Replaying Lance Bass Press Conference

August 29, 2002 – NASA TV is repeating the press conference with *NSYNC star Lance Bass that went on earlier today. Lance confirmed he was going to be the third space tourist, though financing still seems up in the air at this point. “I’m so lucky to be able to go up,” the singer said. “I’m definitely not afraid. I know how the whole system works. I feel – not safe, its one of the most dangerous things you could possibly do – but I’m in good hands.”

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  1. pl says:

    haha!! funny!! JimmY Fallon is hillarious!!!

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