Jive Jones Considers Suit Over Mandy Moore’s ‘Candy’

Mandy Moore 'Candy'

New York magazine reports songwriter Jive Jones is considering legal action against Denise Rich and her former business partner Ric Wake for allegedly refusing to pay him producer royalties for songs he wrote with Rich, including Mandy Moore’s hit ‘Candy’. Jones complained, “It’s really funny because she’s so rich. I made Mandy Moore from the song.” Read more.

Mandy Moore Loved Filming ‘Chasing Liberty’ In Europe

January 11, 2004 – Mandy answered a few questions from TRL fans at MTV.com, including what she thought was the favorite part of filming her new film ‘Chasing Liberty’. “My favorite part of filming the movie was just being in Europe,” she responded. “I had never been to Venice or Prague and completely fell in love with them.”

Three Negligible Movies In A Row For Mandy Moore

January 11, 2004 – Adam Nayman of the Toronto Eye reviewed Mandy’s new movie ‘Chasing Liberty’, giving it only 2 stars. He writes, “The thoroughly unremarkable ‘Chasing Liberty’ makes it three negligible movies in a row for Mandy Moore, the pouty pop starlet with designs on crossover success. But at least this time out she’s allowed to have some fun – neither ‘A Walk to Remember’, in which she played a cancer-stricken Baptist, nor the similarly downbeat family drama ‘How to Deal’, offered her much in the way of levity.”

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5 thoughts on “Jive Jones Considers Suit Over Mandy Moore’s ‘Candy’

  1. Jive says:

    What is it with song writers suing singer these days? Mandy Moore isn’t rich because of her music career. All her albums barely sold 500,000 copies. She earned her money because of the movies she starred in.

  2. lucky says:

    As much as I dislike Mandy’s music, there is nothing more that bugs me than a person who can’t comprehend what they just read and then make ill-placed post such as yours. Read the article again! Jive (Turkey) Jones is suing Denise Rich and her partner not Mandy Moore.

  3. Jive says:

    First off, I was commenting on the fact Jive Jones said he made Mandy and turned her rich because he penned the song Candy. Mandy made more of her money by doing movies. I may have started my comment the wrong way. It should have been Songwriters suing the label’s use for songs.

  4. funkdobeus says:

    She’s made a lot of money from endorsements and modeling as well. Good 4 her. Surprised she’s so sweet & humble, once people get rich that’s the usually the first quality to go.

  5. popnicklover says:

    Oh please. This song is old. I love it how songwriters decide to sue people years after the song became a hit. It’s absolutely ridiculous! Want extra cash? Write more good songs and forget about it, dammit.

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