J.Lo And Ben Affleck Are In New York For The VMA’s

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and fiance Ben Affleck were photographed leaving their hotel in downtown Manhattan and spending the day shopping on 14th Street. J.Lo and Ben are in town for the 2003 MTV Video Music Awards, despite reports that she was to miss the event while filming ‘Shall We Dance’.

Jennifer Lopez Says ‘Shall We Dance’ Is A Feel Good Movie

August 26, 2003 – Steven Cojocaru travelled back to his Canadian home turf to chat it up with Jennifer in Winnipeg on the set of her new movie ‘Shall We Dance’ with Richard Gere. “It really is a feel-good movie about finding passion in your life and re-igniting that in yourself,” Jennifer told Cojo. “We all get in those humdrum routines sometimes, and you just need something, and dance is a beautiful thing.”

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6 thoughts on “J.Lo And Ben Affleck Are In New York For The VMA’s

  1. YogiBear says:

    they are so pathetic!!!!!! The VMA’s is the last place they should be. Take some time off from reality television already!

  2. Tig says:

    So is she or isn’t she performing, and if so with Britney, have the stripper poles and pre-recorded tracks ready, because, the only thing live on that stage will be the body oils.

  3. vtg says:

    always in the latest fashion! he’s scrubby!! can’t wait to see the VMA’s! :)

  4. Tig says:

    Dear VTG: I’m not sorry I have opinion. I’m not sorry that I’m not impressed by a young woman stripping off her clothes on stage and holding a snake to detract from her lack of vocal skills. Now, Moving on…If Britney/JLo/Madonna do a little performance, it would be entertaining, they are all entertainers and Madonna and J Lo are dancers. Out of the 3, I can not balk at Madonna with 25 years under her belt and constant number 1’s all over the world, she is an Icon. I’m just not feeling Britney and it comes from meeting her and realizing she is a puppet. When she breaks free, I think she’ll be a force to mess with.

    Keep in mind, you voice ur opinion. We also have a right to voice ours.

  5. Carrie says:

    I think it was be awesome if those three would perform together, something like a stripper show. It would be a hit. Who better than those three. The three are professional sluts.

  6. vtg says:

    no one told you to be sorry for having an opinion. I simply stated that up until now, all of the posts I have seen from you are negative. That’s all. I often wonder if you have anything positive or constructive to say. Continue having your opinions, I’ll continue having mine as well…. funny thing is that I have missed both of those famous Britney performances for some reason or another and now because of your vivid descriptions of them, I want to see them!

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