J.Lo And Guadalupe Shopping In Caesars Palace

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has been spotted on Sunday evening (October 19th) during Las Vegas shopping spree perusing Chopard diamond encrusted watches with her mother Guadalupe in the Forum shopping center in the famous Caesars Palace casino.

Jennifer Lopez & Robert Redford Impress Young Co-Star

October 20, 2003 – Contributed by lopez_lover: Never mind the negative press about Jennifer and her troubles. Her young co-star in the upcoming film ‘An Unfinished Life’ will tell you what you really need to know. “Jennifer is the nicest person I ever met – I love her,” said Becca Gardner during the recent red carpet premiere of the Disney World’s new 3-D film ‘Mickey’s PhilharMagic’. “She is so cool — she couldn’t have been any nicer.” As for Redford, well, after playing his granddaughter, Gardner says that she wouldn’t mind having him as a grandpa for real. But the thing is, she’s loyal to the two grandpas she already has. The full story and video at nbc5.com has since been removed.

Jennifer Lopez & Ben Affleck Spend The Weekend In Vegas

October 19, 2003 – The Las Vegas Review Journal reports Ben and Jennifer were spotted dining at Mon Ami Gabi steakhouse inside the Paris Las Vegas late Friday before Affleck entered Bellagio’s high-stakes poker room. J.Lo’s mother Guadalupe held court at a nearby suite during Bennifer’s stay at the $7,500-a-night “Real World Suites” at the Palms Hotel.

Pretty Good Bet Bennifer Nuptials Back On

October 16, 2003 – The Boston Herald reports that there are new signs Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck will make another attempt to get married. They write: “Word from our spies is that La Lopez is set to meet with a famous British hat designer about making a headpiece for her to wear on the Big Day. And Jen’s pals tell the tabs the diva claims she’ll be Mrs. Affleck before 2004. Which leads us to believe that the Big Day is Back On!”

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4 thoughts on “J.Lo And Guadalupe Shopping In Caesars Palace

  1. atomickitten says:

    All we ever hear about J-LO is how she’s on a shopping spree spending thousands of dollars. Does this ***** not have a hobby? Instead of spending all that money on things she doesn’t need, she should be donating to charity. But her greedy ass doesn’t care.

  2. latina says:

    Flash To The Future. In that first picture, you can kinda tell what Jennifer is going to look like in the future when she gets old just by looking at her mom. They have such similarity! J.Lo of the future!

  3. Thalia_Lover says:

    Look atommickitten, How the Hell do you know if she doesn’t donate? What should she do Donate ALL of her money to Charity? Maybe she has donated and know wants a bit of the money for herself? Did You ever think of that? SO DON’T SAY ANYTHING IF YOU DON’T KNOW ANYTHING!?! (I’m not saying this because I like J.LO but I mean you can’t judge a person on what people tell you!) I LOVE YOU THALIA !

  4. JLOVER101 says:

    About the donating thing, let me just say that some of the better celebrities donate money secretly, because they’re doing it for the right reasons. Rather than coming out and saying “I donated 500k to this charity and 100k to that one and I’m a great person” and getting a whole bunch of publicity for it. So like Thalia_lover I must say, just shut the hell up and stick to the matter at hand.

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