J.Lo Ends Feud With Mom With Barry Manilow’s Help

Tonight on a special edition of ‘Primetime’, talked more openly than ever about her engagement to Ben Affleck. But there was one “family secret” you didn’t see. In portions not aired by ABC, J.Lo told Diane Sawyer about a falling out with her mom and how ‘Barry Manilow’ brought them together again. The clip was given to local ABC news affiliates as a hook for their late news. Read on for a transcript.

Diane: So you had this period where you were estranged from your mother. And you said you didn’t go back home to live, that’s when you were proud that you never had to go back.

J.Lo: Yeah. Because sometimes when you’re younger and you leave the house and you have to go back and admit that it didn’t work out. That’s a lot of pride to swallow, you know what I mean? And luckily, I never had to do that.

Diane: And how did the two of you start talking again, what happened?

J.Lo: Mother’s day rolled around. Months, maybe a year had gone by. And her favorite singer at the time was Barry Manilow, so I got tickets to Barry Manilow, that was right down the street from where I was taking dance class. And I was like, I’ll take my mother to go see Barry Manilow, maybe we’ll kiss and make up. So I went home with the tickets. And I was like, ‘It’s Mother’s Day, want to take you to see Barry Manilow’. And then it was kind of always forgiven. I’m sure she was just waiting for me to come and you know.

Diane: It’s painful though.

J.Lo: It was a tough time.

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