J.Lo Explains Her Own Floss Lyric

Jennifer Lopez 'Love Don't Cost A Thing'

talked with TV Guide Online, as we mentioned earlier, where the singer explained the “Love Don’t Cost a Thing” lyric, “If I wanna floss, I got my own” Lopez revealed, “That’s kind of a street term. Flossing is like, if I want to go out and ride in a car, wear my nice clothes and hang out with my girlfriends, I don’t need somebody to pay for things for me. You know what I mean? ‘I don’t need you to pay for it’ – that’s what the term ‘floss’ means. It’s like if you wear your brand new sneakers, [you say,] ‘I’m flossing with my new sneakers.'”

J.Lo Battles TheSmokingGun.com

November 16, 2001 – Jennifer Lopez spoke with TV Guide Online about recent documents divulged from TheSmokingGun.com outlining her diva-like demands for the ‘What’s Going On?’ charity single as she insisted, “First of all, being involved in something like that is a total thing where you do it out of the goodness of your heart.”

“So I think people enjoy a little bit the idea of me misbehaving, but I’m a professional. [That’s] not my style. If you really want to check it out … don’t ask Internet gossip pages or whatever. Get the information from the right people and you’ll get a different picture — the truth!”

As for Lopez’s comments, Bill Bastone from the website told Salon.com’s Amy Reiter today, “Normally, we wouldn’t want to tangle with a former gun moll for P. Diddy, but Ms. Judd can’t really deny that her fingerprints are all over that rider: Beans, rice, chicken, apple pie a la mode, brownies, vanilla ice cream, and chocolate chip cookies can go straight to a girl’s ass.” Ouch!

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