J.Lo Rips Off Beatnuts Beat

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According to Ju-Ju of The Beatnuts during the interview of MuchMoreMusic(missess+kissess+dissess), the beat of Jennifer Lopez’s ‘Jenny From The Block’ is rigged from their rap song ‘Watch Out Now’ (1999). He said, “They are whack! That beat was ours. They did not took the original sample, they took ours! That is our beat! They are so whack!” Listen for yourself on the instrumental version here.

Jennifer Lopez On A Crash Diet

December 28, 2002 – Jay Leno joked during his Tonight Show monologue on Friday, “In National Enquirer, Jennifer Lopez is now on a starvation diet, and she wants to lose some weight before she gets married to Ben Affleck. She looks great, but she said she’s put on a few pounds the last couple of years, ironically mostly from eating wedding cake.”

Billboard’s Hot 100 Ft. Aguilera, J.Lo, Timbelake

December 27, 2002 – This week on Billboard’s Hot 100 Singles, Eminem still reigns at #1 and Missy Elliot still clings to #2. Nelly climbs to #3, “Jenny From the Block,” falls to #5, and Christina Aguilera’s, “Beautiful,” is at #6. All the songs mentioned above, with exception of Nelly are losing steam, with decreasing airplay. Avril Lavigne climbs to #12, Jennifer Lopez and LL Cool J’s, “All I Have,” climbs 10 spots to #15, and Justin Timberlake’s, “Cry Me a River,” comes in at #17. Ja Rule and Ashanti’s, “Mesmerize,” makes the biggest jump on the chart 67-25. Elsewhere, Christina’s, “Dirrty,” continues to fall and lands at #74, Mariah climbs to #83 with, “Through the Rain,” and Kylie Minogue climbs to #91 with, “Come Into My World.” Other big debuts come from, t.A.T.u at #85, and JC Chasez with, “Blowin’ Me Up (With Her Love)”, at #94.

Jennifer Lopez’s Scheduling Problem

December 27, 2002 – Jay Leno joked during his Tonight Show monologue on Thursday, “According to the British tabloids, Jennifer may put her Valentine’s Day wedding to Ben Affleck on hold. It turns out she already has two other weddings scheduled for the same day. [Laughter] She still loves him, it’s just a scheduling problem.”

Skip ‘Maid In Manhattan’

December 26, 2002 – Popdirt.com’s last poll asking what you thought of Jennifer Lopez’s new movie ‘Maid in Manhattan’ had 47.7% say skip it, while only 16.6% said to see it. The remainder of voters either hadn’t seen the film or advised to watch it when it comes out on video. Our latest poll asks what you think was the best album released in 2002 (in America).

Gossip Guru Liz Smith On Big Celeb Events Of ’02

December 26, 2002 – Paula Zahn of CNN spoke with Liz Smith about the celeb events of 2002, including the breakup of and *NSYNC star Justin Timberlake. “I guess if — you know — you’re sort of a professional virgin and you’re really beautiful and voluptuous from the moment you’re 16 years old you’re a big deal, and the inevitable is that then you aren’t a virgin and then somebody blows the whistle,” Smith explained. Read more, including her thoughts on Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck, Michael Jackson, and more at CNN.com.

Jennifer Lopez Doesn’t Mind Liz Taylor Comparisons

December 26, 2002 – Jennifer tells InStyle magazine that she doesn’t mind comparisons to Elizabeth Taylor, who has been married eight times. “I’m not mad if people call me the modern-day Liz Taylor,” J.Lo said. “We’ve all had a love of our life and failed love affairs. I’m just the biggest romantic it’s really sad,” Lopez says. “I tell people that but nobody listens. They’re too busy writing about the thread count they think I demand.”

Ben And Jen Will Last Over A Year Says Robin Williams

December 24, 2002 – The New York Post reports when the subject turned to Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez during a recent taping of Last Call with Carson Daly, Robin Williams predicted, “Ben goes the distance. I’m giving him odds one year beyond. Most people don’t last two rounds. I’m saying he goes 12 technical.”

Jennifer Lopez Has Diva Perfume Demands

December 24, 2002 – The Sunday People reports there is more diva-like behavior coming from Jennifer. She insists that lackeys spray her hotel rooms with her own J.Lo-endorsed perfume before she arrives.

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