J.Lo Says Ben Affleck Is Most Important Thing In Her Life

Donning red spike-heeled shoes, lacy, thigh-high stockings and a garter belt, soon-to-be bride strikes some very provocative poses in W magazine, on stands this Friday. Jen also reveals that her relationship with fiance Ben Affleck is “the most important thing” in her life and that they share everything. That includes Ben’s now infamous outing to a topless club in Canada. Jennifer says she knew he going beforehand and it was never an issue to her. She said they even read the outlandish reports of the evening together and laughed about it, noting that the two key elements of her relationship are communication and fidelity. She speaks about it more on tonight’s Entertainment Tonight airing.

J.Lo Says She’s ‘Giving’ And ‘Selfless’ In Her Relationships

September 8, 2003 – Ratethemusic.com reports insists she is on good terms with all her ex-partners. “Sometimes when people don’t get along with their exes I think it’s ’cause they’ve broken up in a nasty way – it’s like, ‘You did this to me and I did this to you!’,” she explained. “There’s all this blaming going on. I’m very giving in relationships, kind of selfless in a way. So when I leave they’re not mad at me for leaving ’cause they know I did the best I could. It’s never been a thing where it’s, ‘You were so bad to me!'”

Asteroid To Have ‘Gigli’ Strength?

September 8, 2003 – David Letterman joked during his Late Show monologue on Friday night, “Astronomers say that an asteroid is heading for earth and could strike on March, 24th, 2014. The asteroid will have the power of 20 million atomic bombs – or one and Ben Affleck movie.”

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6 thoughts on “J.Lo Says Ben Affleck Is Most Important Thing In Her Life

  1. Tig says:

    I’m so sick of J Lo, tired of the whiny voice on video, the lazy new set of videos, Her non-acting self (other than Money train & Selena). Here’s what her new list of “MOST IMPORTANT THINGS SHOULD BE”> for my amusement only a) A Bible – Have you heard of GOD is he important b) A Chasity Belt- evidently, as soon she says those vows,,,she can’t keep her legs closed to everyone but her husband c) Marriage Counseling….Look Maybe it doesn’t work for you, J Lo,,,why not just continue fornicating without marriage d) Singing — Why not get a decent vocal coach so you won’t sound like a cat whose paw is caught in a mouse trap. Just a few helpful hints.

  2. nomorebrit says:

    She forgot to finish the sentence. …after, sex, money, clothes, publicity, servants, diamonds and expensive cars.

  3. Carrie says:

    I can believe she communicates well. I would guess fidelity for her is making sure Ben’s feelings for her don’t change. She’s probably accepting of him have sex with all of Hollywood. She can’t control him and she probably doesn’t want to loose him so she’ll be in denial and have a blind fold on 24/7 for as long as the marriage last. I guess that’s the price you have to pay for keeping your dream man.

  4. jazzprofounder says:

    Okay can this girl just concentrate on her MARRIAGE with Ben instead of just constantly requoting everything again and again as if we haven’t heard it before. She needs to stop proving to the world she’s in love with Ben. Pretty much the world knows about it already. The more she and Ben talk about their private life, the more it’s gonna be a disaster, they need to keep their marriage for their eyes only.

  5. OohSexxy says:

    um….the most important thing in her life is a man?? How about family? How about taking care of yourself? This chic is ridiculous blah it’s gonna be sad when they divorce, even though she says these things they’ll DIVORCE hahah

  6. YogiBear says:

    She’s always trying to prove their ‘love’ to the media… what can’t she just shut the fu** up already about their relationship??? Because…she can’t help being so insecure.

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