J.Lo Tapes Her Breasts In Miami Photoshoot

The Globe has a nice underarm shot of Jennifer Lopez’s right breast in their latest issue, but curiously, the singer/actress has tape adhered to side of her breasts. This has caused many to wonder why. Miriam Driot told the Globe, “The tape can be used to hold the breasts together and enhance surgery. Or one strip on each side can give one a little support.”

Another expert and cosmetic surgeon, Dr. Gregory Turowski, explained, “The tape would be covering a very unusual incision for plastic surgery, or it could be covering a bruise, cut, or some other kind of trauma – or a breast biopsy.”

J.Lo’s flack, Alan Nierob insisted, “She was in the middle of a two-day photo shoot and had the double-backed tape on for an outfit she was going to wear. It wasn’t there to hold the one thing she was already wearing.”

Discusses Abusive Relationships

February 22, 2002 – Entertainment Tonight will premiere the trailer to ‘Enough’ tonight and they spoke with Jennifer from the set of the film to talk about her character. J.Lo said of the role about a woman in an abusive relationship, “It’s so funny because one of the things I found in doing research is women say, ‘I can’t believe this is happening to me, this can happen to anybody, you can be in a situation and fall in love and just give yourself away and be so enamored with someone, and then you find yourself in this pattern where you can’t get out.’ It becomes this type of thing where you start hating yourself in a way and you can’t break the pattern. It becomes something more internal. That is what this movie is about, letting people know it can be done … it takes a lot of hard work emotionally and in this case physically but it’s about giving hope and that is why I wanted to even do this film.”

Jennifer Lopez Loses Chart Topping Position Back To Alan Jackson

February 21, 2002 – SoundScan numbers are out and country singer Alan Jackson’s ‘Drive’ is back on top, toppling Jennifer’s ‘J to tha Lo!’ disc. Jackson’s disc shipped 184,000 copies while Jennifer Lopez’s total slipped to 134,000. Sandwiched in between was Creed’s ‘Weathered’, which sold 144,000 copies.

J.Lo Is Driven Tuesday Night

February 19, 2002 – Tonight VH1 will premiere a one hour program at 9/8c called Driven: Jennifer Lopez. The show will document J.Lo’s childhood to current megastardom. The VH1 website has a special section dedicated to the show with her old resume, head shot, and a written declaration of her goals from 1991.

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