J.Lo’s Unpopped Popcorn Leads To Painful Root Canal

WENN reports missed out on watching ‘Matrix Reloaded’ in a Georgia cinema after popcorn cracked her teeth. J.Lo was left sobbing in pain in the cinema while her fiance Ben Affleck tried to comfort her. “It had been a dull pain for a while, but right then it just kind of kicked into high gear,” she remarked. “I think I bit down wrong on a piece of popcorn. It was like a knife in my brain. I just started crying right there in the movie theatre. I pulled my hat way down and Ben was like, ‘What’s wrong?’ I’m like, ‘I can’t take it. It hurts too much.’ So I had a root canal. Tell people you had a root canal and everybody feels sorry for you.”

Jen And Ben Pick Up DVD’s At Blockbuster

June 30, 2003 – The Sun has photos of and fiance Ben Affleck emerging from the Blockbuster video rental store in Vancouver, BC with a bag-full of DVDs. Affleck is filming in Vancouver. Check out the pictures here.

Jennifer Lopez’s Exes Run Into Each Other In Hollywood

June 29, 2003 – The Enquirer reports Jennifer’s two ex-husbands Cris Judd and Ojani Noa ran into each other at The Standard in Hollywood recently. The pair high-fived and bro’-hugged, the proceeded to hang out together for the rest of the night drinking cocktails and comparing notes about J.Lo.

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