Joanna Pacitti Remembers Her ‘American Idol’ Experience

Joanna Pacitti

checked in with fans on her blog at MySpace (@joanna) on Monday (June 29), talking about how it’s been a year since her prematurely completed ‘American Idol’ experience began. She writes:

It’s been a while since I have done an official blog so I think it is time… considering I am in a strange mood and thinking a lot. I really can’t believe it was this time last year that I was thinking about auditioning for this little show called “American Idol” I was living in Michigan of all places (playing “housewife” hehe) and completely helpless. All I wanted to do is sing and share my voice and music with the world. For some CRAZY reason I have been pretty unlucky in this business but I truly believe (even still) that its for a reason and it is preparing me for something bigger. But I can’t help but be sad right now – Idol was an amazing experience for me and HUMBLING. I lined up for HOURS just like everyone else and made it through each round based on my talent. I made a lot of great friends and also built my confidence back up which I was in desperate need of. I am thankful for the time that I was a part of the show but I truly wish I was there longer – I think I deserved it.

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One thought on “Joanna Pacitti Remembers Her ‘American Idol’ Experience

  1. Kevin says:

    This girl is delusional

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