Joanna Pacitti ‘Truly Amazing’

Joanna Pacitti

A photo montage of Geffen recording artist Joanna set to her new song ‘Truly Amazing’ has been posted online. The singer wrote in a blog on her MySpace on Wednesday (August 8): “Hey Guys, So, I’m not sure if you noticed but I secretly snuck in one of my new songs onto the main page. I made a slide show to it. :) This song so far is one of my favorites because of the meaning. I think at every age in our life – men and woman go through trying to be what someone else wants you to be. In the song there are a lot of contradicting lyrics that people say and that in the end it doesn’t matter. You will always be WHO YOU ARE and nothing can change that – on inside or out. Yes, we all grow but we always remain the same person and we are all AMAZING and unique in our own way. People that try to change you will eventually see that you are TRULY AMAZING. It will definitely make you smile and feel good. Please let me know your thought on the ‘new sound’ Love you guys! Here are some pics from the studio! Joanna” The video and referenced pictures have since been removed.

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