Joe Jackson Promotes Book In Germany

Blitz had a video clip, since removed, of Joe Jackson in Germany promoting his new book ‘The Jacksons: The Golden Truth About the Jackson Family’, where he denied charges he was abusive in a press conference, insisting his wife Katherine had done more discipline.

Responds To ‘Dateline’ Report

5, 2004 – Michael admitted on Friday that he has paid hush money to stop kids from accusing him of molestation, but insisted he has never harmed a child. The surprise confession came hours before ‘Dateline NBC’ aired a report that Jackson paid $2 million to the son of a hand at his Neverland Ranch in 1990.

Bombshell Book Shopped by Insider

September 4, 2004 – Roger Friedman of reports Michael’s longtime public relations man, Bob Jones, whom Jackson fired several weeks ago, is now said to be shopping a book to New York publishers through an agent. Friedman says that Jones did not have a confidentiality agreement with Jackson and feels so slighted, hurt and ripped off, according to friends, that he is ready to sell his story to the highest bidder. has since removed the full article.

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One thought on “Joe Jackson Promotes Book In Germany

  1. Chante says:

    And this is a story? This man owes no one outside of his family any explanations. I am sick and tired of the media and other gawkers trying to get in the middle of other people’s business. Worry about your own life and family!

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