Joe Jonas Blogs After AMA Fall And Hand Injury

The Jonas Brothers checked in with fans on their blog at MySpace (@jonasbrothers) on Monday (November 19) following the siblings’ performance of ‘SOS’ at the American Music Awards in Los Angeles the previous night, where Joe Jonas tripped on a stage prop and cut his hand with broken glass.

“So the introduction started and we could hear the fans screaming and running down to the stage,” Joe writes. “When the glass broke we started walking through. On the way through I slipped and fell down on my hands and knees. When I looked up I saw one of our fans, Alexa from Mexico and the smile on her face, as well as the faces of the other fans. This let me know that I had to get right up and perform for them. Once I got up it was so much fun. I decided to give it everything I have to give! After the performance I got back to the dressing room. Someone said, ‘Joe, you’re bleeding!’ I had felt some pain but had no idea that there was so much blood. I noticed that my white suit had blood on the knees. I also had cuts on my hand. We called the medic and they cleaned up my leg and hands. After we changed clothes we headed back to our seats. Everyone greeted us when we walked in and told us that it was awesome that we got up and performed our hearts out!”

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2 thoughts on “Joe Jonas Blogs After AMA Fall And Hand Injury

  1. Alexis says:

    I love JOE He Is MINE

  2. Riz-camp.rock-jb-demi says:

    Woo !! That was cool !! Love ya JB !

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