Joe Jonas Breaks Up With Taylor Swift Via Phone

A source tells that Joe Jonas of the Jonas Brothers broke up with country singer Taylor Swift a few days ago, making the move over the phone. “He broke her heart,” an insider told the publication.

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7 thoughts on “Joe Jonas Breaks Up With Taylor Swift Via Phone

  1. salteeny says:

    it is Jo choice about what he wants to do with his love life, the way the “an insider told the publication” that he broke her heart I mean come! on if someone ends a relationship it will obviously break that person’s heart but the way the publisher wrote they just making it sound bad on Joe.

  2. salteeny says:

    Jonas Brothers are really wicked band I just love their songs are Sensational, I’ve one more thing to say JB ROCKS!!!

  3. Katsoftball101 says:

    I think that Joe is a really sweet guy and of course it would break Taylor’s heart because she really liked him the over the phone thing wasn’t so bad considering they were on the road and couldn’t meet up in one city but the way the publishers write about Joe is wrong he has his reasons and they don’t know what goes on in his personal life I love you Joe and I stick by you 100%….I LOVE YOU!!!!!1

  4. andwallswillcrumble says:

    I would’ve expected this from him. As much as we say JB are cool guys, I do think that the fame has gotten to their head in some way and therefore I expected something like this. By phone is better than by text but not as good as showing that you have some guts to say it to the person’s face. I’m really disappointed in Joe. ew.

  5. Emz says:

    I’m not being a hater or anything to Joe but… a 27 seconds phone call…well one word HARSH! Joe could you not have done it in person?! I don’t mean any offense by this by the way just my opinion. Emz UK XX Luv Taylor Swift songs!!

  6. JonasLove says:

    The only reason she was prob “heart broken” is because she thought she would become more famous by being seen with him I mean she was in their concert movie thing and stuff she made a big deal bout it to make him look bad by the way I agree wit salteeny the insider did say it to make him look bad and from what he said (which I believe) “someone else ended the conversation” meaning Taylor Swift ended the 27 second phone call

  7. dylan says:

    I thought he was dating Demi Lovato. Taylor you are so lucky that you are friends Selena G. because if anyone breaks your heart she’ll be there for you.

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