Joe Jonas Dating Camilla Belle? hears that fresh off of his split with Taylor Swift, has hooked up with ‘10,000 BC’ actress Camilla Belle. “They are not public about it, but they’ve been hanging out with their friends and Joe’s brothers,” a source tells told the publication. “They’re very private.” The tipster added that Joe, 19, and Camilla, 22, “share a lot of the same characteristics and morals.”

The full story at has since been removed.

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9 thoughts on “Joe Jonas Dating Camilla Belle?

  1. sarah says:

    I hate Camilla Belle right now. Joe I can’t believe you are dating a 22 year old girl. I don’t know what you see in her, she’s ugly you stupid pervert

  2. NICK JONAS IS THE BEST!!!!! says:

    omg Joe you are so dumb for breaking up with Taylor Swift!! You were so good together and the chick you are “dating” is just plain out dumb and completely stupid and 2 freaking old for you!! Don’t you have any common sense? You are just lucky that I’m here to tell you right from wrong!

  3. alexis says:

    Why didn’t Joe just stay with Taylor and some of Camilla’s pictures have her boobs sticking out kinda seductive for a boy who is saving his virginity until he gets married

  4. Alyssa says:

    I think Joe should be able to date whoever he wants. Besides they look cute together!

  5. sav. says:

    I agree with everyone else and Joe she’s too old for you. You should have stayed with Taylor Swift!

  6. bdd says:

    Camilla Belle is a very beautiful woman. I really like her eyes because they are pretty. I first saw Camilla Belle when she was still a kid on the movie Annie-A Royal Adventure.

  7. chris says:

    Camilla Belle is a beautiful goddess. I like her thick eyebrows and her long slender body.

  8. Camila says:

    Camilla Belle is one of the most beautiful actress in Hollywood. I like her thick eyebrows.

  9. Becca says:

    Joe should be allowed to go out with anyone he wants to its his choice love you Joe xx !!!

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