Joe Jonas Has Sympathy For Women Wearing Heels

Joe Jonas of the Jonas Brothers, seen here swinging a baseball bat at a clock, talked about wearing heels in his 'Single Ladies' videoJonas Brothers spoke with Popstar! magazine about the now famous YouTube video of dancing to the Beyonce Knowles hit ‘Single Ladies’.

“We’re gonna give you behind the scenes of the ‘Single Ladies’ video I made a couple of months ago actually,” Joe said. “We made it before I got a haircut actually, that’s one thing. We got back in February before the Grammys and the fans asked me to make a video so I decided I’ll make that one. Heels are not comfortable. Apparently I was wearing heels that were too big. They hurt really bad. How does any girl wear heels ever? I feel bad for every woman who ever wore heels in their life.”

Watch the comments below.

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