Joe Jonas Haunted By ‘Froggyman’ In His Dreams

Kevin and Joe Jonas of the Jonas Brothers, seen here discovering a bidet, talk about 'froggyman'Popstar magazine chatted with The Jonas Brothers, where the sibling pop trio were asked if they ever had recurring dreams.

“I had this dream about this frog that was chasing me on this lilypad,” Joe explained. “When I was younger. It just this giant frog – froggyman – he was just this giant frog-like man, that would chase me until I woke up.”

Then Kevin revealed Nick’s worst nightmare as a 10-year-old, that slave drivers were going to steal him away. “Not supposed to talk about that,” Nick said.

Watch the clip via YouTube below.

The And The Queen Draw A Crowd

Pepsi Smash’s webisode three of ‘Being: The Jonas Brothers’ has been posted on Yahoo! Music. The clip again features the sibling pop trio in London, England, where they talked about the city was “everything they dreamed that it would be”, getting a chance to meet a fake Queen and enjoying the reaction from bypassers who thought she was real, and how they were largely able to walk the streets without being mobbed by fans like they would in the U.S.

The Yahoo! video has since been removed.

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  1. yessenia says:

    haha that’s really cool I love them

    their nightmares are scary


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