Joe Jonas Leaves Cody Simpson’s Sister Alli Starstruck

Cody Simpson talks Joe Jonas

Australian pop singer revealed to Popstar! about the time he and his sister Alli ran into of the Jonas Brothers. “We were at a meeting, and the guy that we were having a meeting said, ‘Look to your right.’ My sister did and Joe Jonas was coming over to the table and she started crying,” the 13-year-old said. Watch the brief comments via YouTube below.

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2 thoughts on “Joe Jonas Leaves Cody Simpson’s Sister Alli Starstruck

  1. La Guaci says:

    Joe, love me and come to The Canary Islands!!!!!!!!

  2. babe gonzolez says:

    I used to want Joe but now I’m over him I loved him and all but now my new boo is Cody Simpson I love him and so that’s my sister please come see me it’s my dream to meet you I love you;)

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