Joe Jonas Of The Jonas Brothers Shirtless In ‘Camp Rock’

Joe Jonas is featured in a a brief video clip posted at YouTube featuring the singer exiting a pool shirtless in swimming trunks, as featured in the upcoming movie ‘Camp Rock’. Watch it here.

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3 thoughts on “Joe Jonas Of The Jonas Brothers Shirtless In ‘Camp Rock’


    I love Joe Jonas he is a propa fittey XD:):) haha lol sexy Joe Jonas XD

  2. Alejandra Jonas I LOVE JONAS says:

    I all the Jonas the most sexy is Joe I Love his muscles ,his face all of he I LOVE JOE JONAS YOU ARE THE MOST SEXY MAN OF THE WORLD YOUR MY HEARTTHROB I like that the Jonas Brothers have a Photoshoot of multiples photos shirtless or wear only the underwear I’m crazy for the Jonas Brothers

  3. Brooklyn says:

    Wow the Jonas Brothers are so hot shirtless.I wish I was Nick and Joe Jonas girlfriend.I would scream at the top of my lungs!!!!!!!!!!!!

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