Joe Jonas Posted A ‘S.O.S.’ Review On iTunes

The tell Popstar! Magazine that frequently visit fan sites and the magazine’s blog to see what people are saying. Joe Jonas added that he’s commented on iTunes for when ‘S.O.S.’ first came out. “You know, it’s like your song, you want people to comment, and you want to have good reviews. So, if you look at it, I’m like Mrs. Joe Jonas or something, and I’m like, ‘This song’s so incredible!'” Watch the clip and check out a capture of Joe’s iTunes comment via YouTube below.

Joe Jonas reviews S.O.S.

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7 thoughts on “Joe Jonas Posted A ‘S.O.S.’ Review On iTunes

  1. Lynn says:

    He’s adorable! And Amazingly Amazingly Great!

  2. Michelle says:

    Not the comment I think.

    ACTUAL Mrs. Joe Jonas


    these songs are so good!!!!! they are great pump up musics for my swim meets!!!!
    love them love them love them!!
    and especially hoe……..:p

    -also commented on Hold On

    This song is so good!!!! OMG I’m so glad it finally came out – you should literally buy it because it rocks your socks off!!!! YES BUY IT!!!

  3. zack says:

    what a bad song (S.O.S)

  4. Mary says:

    how do you get to the reviews on iTunes I can’t find it??

  5. KatrinaClaire says:

    Yeah I also can’t find the song reviews
    i can only find video
    someone please answer



  6. Amanda says:

    lol Joe… Only he would do something like that haha Mrs.Joe Jonas… Wow Joe…smooth lol XP He’s so crazy XD and he couldn’t add more hearts could he? hehe

  7. DrewwBEARR says:

    where is the pic of his comment? I can’t see it! help!!

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