Joel Madden Angry With Question About Hilary’s Teeth

Good Charlotte singer Joel Madden posted a diary entry on his official site, apparently angry being asked about girlfriend Hilary Duff’s teeth. Madden writes:

Here it is: wow kids I had quite an interesting day of press. I had an interview today with my favorite VJ from MuchMusic. I actually enjoy her interviews, cause she usually askes the most intelligent interesting questions about our music, and well today, she asked me one of the weirdest dumbest questions ever. She asked me if I liked my girlfriends teeth? At what point does a credible journalist like that go ‘What did I just say?’ I wonder if she felt stupid or embarrassed afterwards? We are at a show, talking about music and fashion and fans and all that good stuff, and bam she hits me with that. I wonder if she was thinking ‘What the fu** did I just say?’ Like the question just slipped out like a fart. Haha. It’s weird how journalist and radio DJ’s and television people get away with saying the dumbest sh**. No one ever calls them on it. like they can criticize people all day long, but no one ever notices the dumb sh** they say. I really hope next time we talk she sticks to the music. She is still my favorite VJ. Knowing Much, they will probably put this sh** on TV. haha.

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9 thoughts on “Joel Madden Angry With Question About Hilary’s Teeth

  1. ihatehilary says:

    he’s been writing in his diary alot lately. Hilary must be really boring and shutting him off of sex. diaries are so twinkish joel. especially when you write in them daily and use little twink hearts. JOEL IS GAY!!

    that’s the canadian music industry for you. right twisted?? but Joel loves everything else about canada. especially the age of consent laws.

    joel just didn’t know how to answer. cuz he really doesn’t love “hilary’s” teeth cuz they hurt during blow jobs but he can’t say anything negative about Hilary or she’ll be pissed. and pissed Hilary is not a good thing. she could cut his pay check and his sex with benji. p.s. Hilary is in quotations because they aren’t really her teeth.

    i wonder how many comments this will get without twisted here?? astrange1 is still here, but she’s been quiet without her little lesbo sidekick. so I’m guessing not as many as usual. of course it already has 4 comments from me! 5 now!

    hilary’s teeth = the new mikey jackson nose and Joel = the new mikey jackson

  2. LosAngelesBonfire says:

    LMAO!!!! Why am I not surprised! Her teeth look like a HORSE who had COTTAGE CHEESE for breakfast for NINE YEARS!

  3. ihatehilary says:

    they look like chiclets too.’, ‘i wonder if they smell as minty fresh too? probably only when she brushes them. or pulls them out and puts them in the cleaning container. but is that how you get really white teeth? only eat cottage cheese?? but she drinks coffee! I know cuz I saw her getting some while Joel held her dog!

    and they got coffee on their first date on father’s day a little over just a year ago. where’s the damn anniversary post?

  4. sambri says:

    I was at my sisters house the other day when we saw her new video. The first thing I said was, “What happened to her teeth”? “They are huge”!! LOL!! I swear this chic has had something done w/ them!

  5. lilla says:

    no one gets that upset over a question like that unless there’s an underlying reason, lol at hilarys teeth, what the hell was wrong with them to start with?

  6. Starlet01 says:

    I’m not trying to be mean but, over night her teeth just became huge.

    Did she go through a growth spurt or did she have plastic surgery done? She changed!

  7. astrange1 says:

    You WANT me to egg you on?!? I knew it!! Well, here goes… She uses her new teeth to keep a good grip on Joel while she’s taking it from Benji!! How’s that for egging you on!!

    I just escaped from twisted. She had me tied up in the woods in a shack and kept asking me if I could squeal like a pig. Btw, did you know twisted could play the banjo?

  8. SpiceSquirrel says:

    I have never seen a young star make such a big mistake with their looks. The older ones do it all the time due to the fear of aging. Everybody, and I mean EVERYBODY noticed those horse teeth and is making fun of them. She looks horrible!

  9. ihatehilary says:

    haha. I just realized Joel can’t spell. well, I always knew he couldn’t from previous entries, but he still can’t! hahaha! he should go to harvard [extension] with hilary. then he could end his entries with “ya’ll” and xoxo’s like Hilary does. he already has the twink hearts down. but 100 reads. this would be the most read story today if it wasn’t for that mariah is a dirty w.hore story. and for the fact that it wasn’t posted today. but I’m still surprised that it has this many comments. without twisted and hardly any from astrange1. granted most are from me, but the rest are from people who don’t even belong in this story! and they’re all making fun of hilary. and they’re actually funny so they don’t even piss me off! wow!!! now where’s ssl?

    “She is still my favorite VJ.” I also love how he adds that at the end. like a bad attempt to suck up before he gets in trouble for what he just said. he’s probably used to doing that with hilary. like when he says he won’t carry her dog and she gives him the look Joel has come to know too well, he quick adds in a scared little boy voice “but i’ll carry your purse..”.

    “Like the question just slipped out like a fart.” Joel probably knows about that all too well from Hilary too.

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