Joel Osteen Says Britney Spears Needs Some Good Guidance

Lakewood Church senior pastor Joel Osteen visited ‘Larry King Live’ on Tuesday (October 16), where the chat show host asked the author of ‘Become a Better You: Seven Keys to Improving Your Life Every Day’ if would be helped by his book. “Well, I think it’s easy to get delusioned [sic] maybe is the word, just with all of that fame and notoriety at such an early age. And sure, I think Britney Spears can be helped by this book,” Osteen told King. “I think anybody could because it’s the principles of the bible. And I think that she’s – these are good people at heart. And they just need some good guidance and good people speaking into their lives. They have got so much pressure and so much, you know, confusion in their lives. But, you know, anybody – anybody can come up higher, and I believe she can come out of this and still live a great life.” When King suggested Britney and some of her hard partying peers have just had too much, too soon, Osteen responded, “Well, I think so. I know Britney’s been to church before. I’ve heard reports. And I believe down deep they love the lord. It’s just, you know, things pull you away, and it’s easy to make bad decisions in life.”

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