Joey Fatone Addresses *NSYNC Rumors On TRL

was on MTV’s Total Request Live on Wednesday where he addressed some of the recent gossip concerning he and his bandmates, mostly on Justin Timberlake though. For his comments on Justin’s relationship with Britney-strippers-or dancer, Justin’s solo album, Lance’s space trip, JC and Emmanuelle Chriqui, and his movie ‘My Big Fat Greek Wedding’, read on.

Carson: Have you fold this *NSYNC drama? I can’t — every time I turn around one of them is doing something, it is Justin, with strippers, if it’s the band, they are touring, they are — lance is in space. I don’t know what is going on. We have a lot to clear up about *NSYNC so let’s bring out Joey Fatone, everybody.


Carson: Not bad, one of the guys from *NSYNC.

Joey: How warm is it outside.

Carson: You must


Joey: — really cold but outside it is hot!

Carson: They probably have no idea at home but the last time it was this hot in New York was literally like 80 years ago.

Joey: Really, really warm I walked out maybe I do not need the jacket.

Carson: First how is the tour.

Joey: Good. We’ve just played New York and now after this I’m actually headin’ over to Philly.

Carson: How do you do it all? Chris has a clothing time, movies, you got — Lance is in space. How do you have — how do you have time to focus on the future of *NSYNC as a group?

Joey: Uhm, well like I said one day a time. We try to do the best we can. Obviously right now we are concentrating on the tour and take a break after that, the 28th. Lance still has to find out about him going to space doing tests day in and day out.

Carson: He’s not in space right now.

Joey: No


Carson: I had the story wrong.

Joey: Maybe in his head sometimes but he’s been doing tests and finds out in May.

Carson: I got a bunch of questions you can clear up a lot of the rumors we get here we’ll do that after Shakira “Underneath Your Clothes” who is at 10 and Ethan Hawk will be out on TRL.


Carson: That’s Shakira “Underneath Your Clothes” at 10. *NSYNC’s is here under interrogation about the latest rumors on the group and stuff. Lance is a club guy, he likes to go out after shows, he likes to booze and look at girls. I don’t know about the others. You and I have gone to many adult places. You there is no excuse. Justin has never gone out, never as crazy now broke up with Britney and —

Joey: he’s just crazy.

Carson: Is he blowin’ off steam.

Joey: He goes out like everybody else. People — he has, goes out to clubs and stuff. I don’t know about the adult establishments.

Carson: We read he was in Vegas hangin’ out with girls.

Joey: That’s not true. There was a rumor he went gambling with $200,000 a briefcase it is ridiculous. So many silly things have been going on like with him dating somebody else.

Carson: I had lunch with Alicia Keys.

Joey: No they are dating.

Carson: But he is datin’ a nude dancer right.

Joey: Oh, yeah. I do not know! Like I said –.

Carson: You are here and need to help us.

Joey: Anytime you hang out with somebody.

Carson: He is working on a solo album?

Joey: I believe he is after the tour.

Carson: The quote we here it is almost a pilot and if he does well he will feel free to break away and if he does not he can justify.

Joey: We will kick him out if that happens

Carson: What?!

Joey: No, I’m kidding. Like I said everybody else is doing side projects Chris has his clothing line, Lance has his heads in the clouds.

Carson: Literally.

Joey: We are all supporting everybody so it — if it works, it works but right after that comin’ around December an January we’ll start writing for the album.

Carson: Are you guys for him or against him going to space.

Joey: We are for him. Who in the world that — even I know or you know went up in space, you know?

Carson: Right. I couldn’t pass one of those damn physical tests.

Joey: He’s done real well.

Carson: I know but it seems like it will take him away from you guys and writing.

Joey: Only for a couple months. For 6 or 7 years we haven’t really had a month off. This is actually –.

Carson: You hear you have a baby that swears constantly.

Joey: Sometimes since mama and –.

Carson: How about JC and the chick from on the line, did they hook up.

Joey: They talk once in a while but they aren’t even dating.

Carson: What about this real *NSYNC video, how old is the footage.

Joey: Like 5 or 6 years old. Basically the five of us and — yeah, as you can see, Lance is sleepin’. And Chris and Justin actually are trying to bust his chops and his eye is open believe it or not.

Joey:Ararson: Is he asleep his eye is open.

Joey: He is sleepin’.

Carson: With his eyes open? We are sending him to outer space?!


Joey: basically, yeah, all behind-the-scenes stuff. It is cool because we talk about how good it we were famous and this and that and look at now.

Carson: Neil Armstrong is drinking profusely right now I’m sure. We’ll watch Michelle Branch this is Joey Fatone “All You Wanted” video 9 on TRL.


Carson: At 9 Michelle Branch “All You Wanted”. On TRL with Joey Fatone. ‘My Big Fat Greek Weding’ is out Friday.

Joey: Yep.

Carson: You must be a good actor. ‘Cause you are not even Greek.

Joey: I play one on TV.. I guess I look Greek, you know, Italians and Greeks are pretty close.

Carson: What’s going on with this?

Joey: Basically a movie about a girl who tries to find true love and she actually meets this kind of all-American boy which is John Corbinis and she basically wants to meet him and they fall in love and her father obviously supposed to marry Greeks and make Greek babies and be in the Greek family business and that’s not what she wants and tries to convince him to basically have the consent.

Carson: I should mention the star of the of movie is sitting over there.

Joey: He doesn’t fit in the show bu h he came by to show me some —


Joey: Just stay out there.

Carson: How was this comparing to “On The Line” with Lance every day, two different vibes.

Joey: Believe it or not this was the first film I did before “On the Line”.

Carson: Shot before.

Joey: Yeah, it was really cool because, uhm, I got thrown in Lanny Kassan and veterans of this for years and I was thrown in this situation and I’m like, hi, I’m the new guy.

Carson: For anybody at home the guy in *NSYNC is doing movies he can because he has the pull. We should mention Tom Hanks’s production company produced this.

Joey: Yeah.

Carson: A credible piece. Did you meet Tom Hanks.

Joey: Of course. Hunk out with him a couple times, actually had dinner at his house.

Joey: He is Mr. Hanks.

Carson: What was this like.

Joey: We t was cool. Sat around me and my girlfriend.

Carson: That’s cool! You want to set up this clip?

Joey: Yeah, it is actually the first time walkin’ in being my sister Nikki always bickering and loud and obnoxious, from Chicago.

Carson: Take a look.

Joey: Now I got to open the travel agency because some

[bleep] and his big-ass girlfriend are too busy.

Joey: Ma, I open the dry cleaners every day and I think it is time she does something every day always at the beauty parlor and nails and hair and everything.

Joey: Don’t talk about my hair you and your big-ass girlfriend.

Joey: Did somebody sit o your hair? It looks a little flat there.

Joey: Angelo, bite me!

Carson: Pretty g.

Joey: I tried.

Carson: You got the chops, kid. That’s awesome. What happened with “Star Wars” the deal with that, while you are clearin’ up stuff.

Joey: We a in and out. Honestly, I do not know.

Carson: They put you in because Lucas’s kids were fans. It was fun because he —

Joey: it was fun we were doing the audio for the pop odyssey tour d.V. And we were over there and they were shootin’ stuff and obviously his kid is a big fan. We threw it in and stood around a bit. We don’t know if we can put it.

Carson: And the press got a hold of it and probably ruined it.

Joey: We don’t even know. We have no clue.

Carson: Do we have a picture? They are tell’ me we have a picture of you as Yoda.

Joey: Ha-ha.

Carson: Actually that’s a cool picture. That’s what he looks like.

Joey: That’s me.

Carson: That’s what Justin looks like at 6:00 in the morning.

Joey: A lot of make-up.

Carson: 15-second trailer you know how we do this right all the big actors do it on the show. A hard sale. Why this movie should they see it Friday. 15 seconds on the clock “My Big Fat Greek Wedding”.

Joey: Check it out John Corbin is in it and a bunch of all-stars in it it is fun John Corbin is naked in it. What else is there, he gets oil rubbed all over his body. Have fun, enjoy it it is out Friday. Check it out so see it!


Carson: Joey Fatone thank you for being here. Good luck on the rest of the tour and best of the boys. Good guest. We hit him with questions. His movie opens Friday.

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