Joey Fatone Clean Shaven At Boyz II Men Release Party

star Joey Fatone showed off a clean-shaven face at the Boyz II Men album release party Tuesday, July 23rd in New York City at Suede. Besides Joey, Lyric, Ashley Angel and Trevor of O-Town, Quddus, Mario, and of course Boyz II Men were in attendance. Check out photos from and

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4 thoughts on “Joey Fatone Clean Shaven At Boyz II Men Release Party

  1. sweetcheeks says:

    I must say, I like him better with the facial hair.

  2. Syndney says:

    It looks like he is ready for his stint as Mark in RENT. The character of Mark in RENT has no facial hair. Anyone going to see the show?

  3. sweetcheeks says:

    LUCKY!! It looks like I won’t be seeing the guys for the rest of the year. I have CFTC IV tickets, but my plans to travel to Orlando fell through.=( Anybody interested?

  4. mellowyellow says:

    Aaahh, that sucks…I wish I could take them of your hands but I’m nowhere near Orlando right now ( I’m all the way here in Ariz.) I heard it’s gonna be an AWESOME show!

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