Joey Fatone Denies *NSYNC Split, But No New Music

In an interview with Sirius Satellite Radio, Joey Fatone was asked if the People magazine story was true and that wanted out of *NSYNC. Fatone said no, that Timberlake is just not even into doing music right now and wants to focus on his movies and that it’s just not the right time for any of them to get back together right now because they’re all doing other things.

Hints His *NSYNC Days Are Done

August 13, 2004 – In the August issue of GQ magazine, seems to hint that his *NSYNC days may be over. When asked about doing the group’s next album, Justin responded, “You’re never contractually obligated to do anything. I think A Tribe Called Quest has been contractually obligated to do another album for, like, 10 years.”

Justin Timberlake Tells *NSYNC: I’m Out

August 12, 2004 – A source tells People magazine Justin Timberlake has told his *NSYNC bandmates he’s not interested in being in the group’s next album. “Justin said he’s not in the mood and doesn’t think it will work,” the source revealed. “He doesn’t want any part of it.” His bandmates aren’t happy. “They aren’t really talking to [Justin],” the insider said. “They haven’t taken it so well.”

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2 thoughts on “Joey Fatone Denies *NSYNC Split, But No New Music

  1. galleta says:

    As soon as Justin’s star begins to fall Nsync will make another cd. Plus they need to wait for BSB to re-open the door anyway, so don’t fret, the guys will be back

  2. Pheobe says:

    JT is an a-hole, he thinks he’s better than Nsync. He’s also a user, he used them until he didn’t need them anymore. The other members of Nsync should stop trying to protect him and tell the world what an ass he’s become.

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