Joey Fatone & Management Snub Fans At K-Mart

Contributed anonymously:

As a parent that recently drove quite a distance to take my daughter to see Joey Fatone of *NSYNC at his K-mart signing, I feel the need to speak up about his leaving early. His signing was to go from 1-3pm. We arrived towards in Orlando a little after 2:00 and Joey was gone. My husband asked the security men who were taking down Joey’s signs etc. what had happened. These security men said that the turnout for Joey was not quite what they expected. The same fans were coming through the lines and no new people were coming. It appears that Joey and his management made the decision to end the signing early. Since many people may ask why we didn’t arrive right at 1:00 p.m., this is simply because we ran in to difficulties before leaving for Orlando. We drove a few hours to find Joey not present. This was a disappointing situation for all concerned. I don’t believe this is all Joey’s fault, but I do blame his management for not seeing their committment through. The fans have made Joey famous-one more hour would not have hurt. We had arrived at 2:10 and would have expected him to still be there. This decision by management to have Joey leave early is not right. But, I guess we parents and our daughters don’t have a say in this matter. We buy the merchandise, the concert tickets, etc. One hour!!! How many more parents and their daughters drove a distance to see Joey and were let down? As a parent, i think it’s sad that management had to make such a decision. Anyone that is making excuses for Joey, ought to consider his management and hold them responsible for having Joey leave. Joey himself, could have spoke up to stay. Many famous people take extra time to see that all of their fans are happy, not rushed through a line, and not told, you need to hurry up. Since the showing of people was so small, I believe management was not pleased and wanted to leave asap. I personally don’t care what anyone else says here, but driving the distance we did as parents, to have Joey leave early is not right. Once again, management should be held responsible. Joey and his mangement would not be where they are today without all of us! Anyone else making excuses for these people, needs to think again. This signing should have been followed through to the end.

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