Joey Fatone On Last Call With Carson Daly

*NSYNC’s was the guest Tuesday night (Wednesday morning technically) on Last Call with Carson Daly. Joey talked about his Broadway role in ‘Rent’, the surprise success of ‘My Big Fat Greek Wedding’, how he’s dealing with being a father, the Lance Bass space quest, the future of *NSYNC, and more. Read on for a transcript.

Carson: My first guest is in the surprise hit, “my big fat greek wedding.”
He’s also in the broadway production of “rent.” Plus, on the side, he’s
in a little singing group with a fewhis friends. Please welcome joey fatone.

[ Cheers and applause ] Nice to have you on, joey.

Joey: Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Carson: The one good thing about the guys in ‘n sync, which I’ve known
for 20, 30 years now, you’ve never taken yourselves too seriously.

Joey: You can never.

Carson: And you never even — back in the day when you were getting
a lot of heat for the boy bands, and there was you and 98 degrees and backstreet
boys and everybody else, you still wore hatthat said ‘n suck.

Joey: Yeah, we didn’t care. Why?

Carson: And recently you wore the controversial t-shirt.

Joey: Yes. Everybody’s been hing me about that.

Carson: You’ve taken a lot of heat for this, although I think it’s very
cool. I think we have a still of it. Maybe we could bring it up. That’s
the shirt. Go closer, and then why don’t you read it, joey? What the hell’s
that say?

Joey: Uh, what does that say?

Carson: Ilike, “a carton of eggs,” somethin’ —

Joey: “Carton of eggs,” yeah, some price over there. And then it says,
like, “ski mask, $14.” What is that?

Carson: It’s like the american express commercial.

Joey: “Britney spears concert,” yeah, and then “egging the crap out
of the pop princess.”

Carson: A shot at Britney Spears.

Joey: It wasn’t a shot. I still love her. It’s ally, have — like I
sam nobody. I wear shirts, silly shirts. I have one that says “I go to
‘n sync concerts for –” a nice word. Some people laughin’, they’ve probably
seen the shirt before.

Carson: What does it say? You can say it.

Joey: “I go to ‘nynync ts for koochie.” But it’s the other word, actually,
which —

Carson: Oh, really?

Joey: Yes, I mean, I have different — I wear stupid shirts. I wear,
you know —

Carson: But it’s good that you guys never have taken — that’s probably
been a big part of your success.

Joey: No, it’s great. I mean, people are always gonna, you know, poke
And I mean, for us, like I said, you know, in order to honestly be
sane is to be a little silly every once in a while.

Carson: Right. Joey, how many times have I interviewed you?

Joey: Too many.

Carson: A lot, right?

Joey: Yeah.

Carson: And how old are you? I’m 29.

Joey: I’m 25.

Carson: And you’re 25. You’re not hiding your age. That’s your real
age, right?

Joey: No, I’m 25.

Carson: And then usually when we’re sitting, we’re talkin’, we’re at
mtv, and it’s you, and it’s ‘n sync.

Joey: Right.

Carson: Tonight, we’re at nbc, and it’s just you. It’s joey fatone,
like, the actor

Joey: Yeah, it’s interesting, shocking.

Carson: Is there a time — you’re 25 now. Do you ever feel that there’s
a time when you’re too old to be doing it?

Joey: Yes and no. I mean, obviously, a lot of our fans, which is really
cool, they’re growing with us now. So obviously, the people that have been,
you know, younger and the little teeny boppers are now, you know, going
to college. And we’ve gotten letters from people saying, “oh, I’m off in
college, and I still was a fan years ago. Still love your music.” And I
think, I mean, just like mark wahlberg and them, you know, they kind of
grew out of that stage, and a lot of other people are now watching them.
And he’s an actor now, and he’s a very successful actor. And hopefully,
people can perceive me as just not only as an ‘n sync and a teen boy band
or whatever, growing into a different era, as far as a group and then also
as an actor.

Carson: And the screaming girls, is that ever just to the point where
you just get tired of it?

Joey: It gets interesting. Yeah, I mean, I’m sure, you know, just from
doin’ “trl”, you know?

Carson: There’s times when I’m just there, and I’m 29 —

Joey: It’s like, come on, “I’m –,” you know, exactly. You’re like —
probably like, “I’m 29 already.” I’m thinkin’, you know, “enough screaming.”

Carson: Right.

Joey: You know?

Carson: You know, normally, when I have joey fatone, I ask the questions
at mtv, and it’s ‘n sync, and we have to watch what we say. There’some
questions, since you’re on my show here, and it’s so damn late, that I’ve
always wanted to ask you, that I could never ask you on “trl,” that I’d
like to ask you now.

Joey: Okay.

[ Light laughter ]

Carson: You think that’s all right, right, everybody? All right. I’ve
always wanted to — you have a lot of young fans. Have you ever slept with
any of their moms?

[ Light laughter ]

Joey: No. I’ve never slept with any, but I’ve had a lot of them actually
— it’s pretty interesting and a little scary sometimes. They’ll come up,
and they’re like, “oh, how’re you doing? I’m a really big fan. And this
is my daughter. We’ll do anything for tickets.” And I’m like —

Carson: What does that mean? That’s open-ended.

Joey: Exactly. That’s exactly what I said. I look, and I say, “what
do you mean ‘anything’? Define ‘I will do anything.'”

Carson: Right, and the kid’s like 12, and the mom’s like, you know,
31 or something.

Joey: Yeah, it’s a little scary sometimes. But you know, there are a
lot of beautiful moms out there. That’s the only —

Carson: Any chance a joey fatone sex tape will emerge?

Joey: I don’t think so.

[ Light laughter ]

Carson: This is all stuff when we’re sitting on mtv I’m dying to ask
and I can’T. Now I can.

Joey: Yeah, I don’t think so.

Carson: Have you ever been on stage with ‘n sync and just thought, “this
is retarded. We’re retarded”?

[ Laughter and applause ]

Joey: Sometimes. Not as far as on touring. Certain small shows that
we have done and things.

Carson: Because sometimes they put you guys in the outfits. And you
tour so much all over the globe. At some point, like in japan or something,
you’re there, and you’re in like pink stretch pants. And you must be thinking
inside — the 25-year-old joey fatone, who’s in a movie and “rent” —

Joey: Well, the worst — well, back then, I was 19, but it was pretty
funny. We did a thing in japan that where it was the stupidest ining. We
actually were doing like a game show where we had these helmets on and
all these pads, and we’re running on this little treadmill in this big
— and I’m like, “what the hell are we doing? We look like asses.”

Carson: Right. “This is retarded. We’re retarded.”

[ Light laughter ]

Joey: Yeah, so, there are some times.

Carson: Whadid the label say about you becoming a father?

Joey: Nothing really. They just asked me, “what do you want to do? Do
you want to put it out in the press? Do you want to do this you want to
do that?” I said, “hey,” I said, “you know, it’s my personal business.”
And any time that people have ever asked me, at first, I didn’t want to
give — you know, at the point — at the time when ewas happening, I was
just like, “just let me — let myirlfriend have the kidrey. Then maybe
we can talk about it.” You know, it’s just like, you kind of — you know,
it’s my personal life. It’s like, if I want to tell people, I’ll tell them.
But I told them right then and there, when they first asked me, I said,
“you know what? Not yet. I’m not interested in telling anybody.” But now
I am. I’m comfortable with it.

Carson: But when you first started, there was probably a lot more —

Joey: Oh, it was a pain in the ass.

Carson: — Of the image thing and stuff like that. ‘Cause I remember
the first time I — I remember the first time — I spent a lot of my time
defending pop music, obviously. I have a background more or less in modern
rock and things like that.

Joey: Right.

Carson: And then I first met you guys, I thought of ‘n sync as part
of my job, and whatever you need, we’ll play the videos and stuff like
that. But then I remember, you know, like being out at, like, a strip club
with you, with like kid rock. And I’m thinking like, “god, you think of
one thing, and then, like, you realize” —

Joey: Yes, I go to strip clubs, sorry.

[ Light laughter ]

Carson: No, this was like three years ago, too. You know, I mean this
was, and I thought, “wow, there really is, like, a totally normal 21, 22-year-old
guy behind what he does for a living.”

Joey: Oh, yeah.

Carson: How much of the image did you really have to watch in the hype?

Joey: Honestly when we really first started, that’s when we really were
just nervous, because we didn’t want to screw up, in a sense. You know,
we didn’t want to be labeled as, you know, “oh, these young kids are going
out drinking,” or this and that. And we were really tamed, obviously, because
we were — a lot of us were underage at the time. But then when people,
you know, we started — you know, 21, started getting, you know, 25, chris
is now 30. I mean, you know, at the time, we were just like, “we’re just
normal guys.” You know? If we want to go to strip clubs, we go to strip
clubs. Well, yeah, it’s true. A lot of people are just like, “man, honestly,
I never thought you were really — you know, I thought you were a big dork,
but you’re really cool. You hang out. You know, you’re at a club. You’re
drinking or whatever.”

Carson: Right. Normal guy.

Joey: Exactly.

Carson: Really quick, ’cause we got to take a break, and we have a lot
more to talk about — how come lance can’t raise $20 million to get to
outer space?

[ Laughter ] Seriously, I mean, I think we all have the same sort of
notion that, you know, can’t pepsi or coke or somebody — they’ll make
so much money.

Joey: Yeah, it’s a hard thing just because of the fact that, you know,
it’s over there in russia, and they want the money, obviously, up front.
They don’t want the pay half now, half later kind of thing. Or you know,
say for instance maybe he doesn’t go up, obviously they’re not gonna see
that money again. So they’re very scared of taking that chance. But you
know what? He’s very determined. He’s just like, “if I need to pull it
out of my own pocket –” or whatever the case may be, he’s gonna — he’s
still struggling to do it.

Carson: Does lance bass have $20 million to pull out?

Joey: If he does, he might be broke. Who knows? I don’t know.

Carson: I’m just tryin’ to figure out how much kind of loot you guys
really have.

Joey: No, we don’t have that much loot.

Joey: Carn:O, you don’t havthat much.

Joey: I mean, there’s five of us, soso you got to split it five ways.

Carson: You have to pool it.

Joey: Exactly.

Carson: All right, we’ll got to take a break. Uncle kracker plays in
a little bit. More with joey fatone rit after this. You’reching “last call.”

[ Cheers and appus]

[ Cheers and applause ]

Carson: Welcome back. We’re here with joey fatone. And as you and I
were talking before, “my big fat greek wedding.” I mean, this was a $5
million budget.

Joey: Yep.

Carson: It’s grossed, I think, to date, damn near $124 million.

Joey: Yep.

Carson: Take me back to the early stage of this film. And I think I
remember talking to you when you —

Joey: Yeah, it was one of the first films, before I even did “on the
line” with lance. It was like, with playtone and that company with tom
hanks and gary goetzman and the people that own that. And ‘n sync was gonna
do a film. We were thinking about doing a film with playtone and thinkin’
about somethin’. And nothing was really good, as far as the offers that
we were getting and the ideas that anybody else had. So we’re just like,
“whatever, we’ll let it to rest.” A lady by the name of wendy who worked
there, said “hey, there’s a script that, you know, that’s pretty funny.
And playtone’s gonna do it.” It’s a one-woman show. It was a one-woman
show by nia vardalos, she wrote it. Rita wilson went to go see it, wanted
to do it. I read the script. As I walked in to hand the script back to
playtone, they said, “well, we’re doing the, you know, the reading, how’d
you like to go in there and audition?” I’m like, “all right, why not?”
So I sat there, went through the lines, like, for about maybe 20 minutes.
Went and read it in front of the camera. It was funny, ’cause the casting
lady didn’t really like me that much. ‘Cause she’s like, “oh, ‘n sync guy,
can he act?”

Carson: You’re perfect for it, though, really. I mean, look at you.

[ Light laughter ]

Joey: I’m very close to greek, yeah. But it was just amazing. And then
when we first — when we did it, it was just, you know, it was so innocent.
In a sense, I was recording the album, and they were working around my
schedule. And I was popping back and forth for about — what? 2 weeks,
2 1/2 weeks, back and forth from toronto to orlando. And it was just a
great cast. Just meeting with the people and just hanging out with them.
And we got really attached very quickly as a family, as far as getting
with andrea martin.

Carson: Nobody had any idea this movie was going to do this.

Joey: No, no.

Carson: And for you, I would imagine, really a great selection. People
probably don’t realize acting is more than really just a hobby to you.
It’s something that you’ve done for quite some time.

Joey: Oh, yeah.

Carson: But were you thinking, “well, I’m going to do, you know, this
sort of small-budget film”? It that sort of your strategy? I mean, how
does one go from ‘n sync to really entering into the film world?

Joey: Well, for me, I never — for right now, and I think for a while,
I really don’t want to be — I don’t think a lead role. I’m not up to that
yet. I don’t think, at all.

Carson: I think it’s smart that you admit that, rather than jump right
into something.

Joey: No, I could probably be — you know, and also depending on the
script, depending on the director, depending on the people that I’m working
with, honestly, it doesn’t matter if they’re famous or not. If they’re
good people to work with, and they’re very, you know —

Carson: Right, ’cause they’re gonna make you look good, too.

Joey: Right, well, I hope so. It worked. But it was just amazing, because,
I mean, like I said, I did that film, and then I did “on the line,” which
was just, you know, a small thing with me and lance. And it was just —
it was more of a kids’ movie. It was a cute movie. And then I just did
— I shot a small scene, two scenes that I’m doing in a movie called “the
cooler,” with alec bladwin and william H. Macy, that’s gonna come out in
sundance film festival in january. So it’s really cool.

Carson: Better selection than most pop stars.

Joey: Yeah, I like to do ensembles. I’m not going to do anything really
big yet, until I think I’m ready for it. I don’t think I’m ready for it.
And that’s why I’m kind of doing broadway, kind of going back to my roots
and doing stuff like theater that I used to and dabbling more into the

Carson: I want to show everybody a clip of you in “big fat greek wedding.”
Take a look at joey fatone.

Joey: Hey, good to see you, man. Listen, you know, I really think you
should say —

[ Speaking greek ] It means, “everyone, let’s come in the house.” I
think everybody will really like it.

[ Speaking greek ] That’s good. Very good, you got it.

Joey: I’m not falling for that again, nick.

Joey: What?

Joey: Yeah, “what?” Angelo, how do you say “everyone, let’s go in the

[ Speaking greek ]

Joey: Everyone!

[ Laughter ]

Joey: Oh, you’re in so much trouble!

Carson: There you go. “My big fat greek wedding.”

[ Cheers and applause ] Cbs is in talks now about turning it into a
television series. Good or bad idea?

Joey: I think it’s a good idea. Because I think nia, who wrote it, obviously,
she — there was a lot more material, I think, than what she had just for
this film as well. Which goes back, you know, from when she was younger.

Carson: Right.

Joey: And I think it’s going to be a really good idea.

Carson: Will you be in the television series?

Joey: Possibly, yeah, we’ve been talking about getting, like, the original
cast to do the whole show. So, I know that, obviously, nia’s gonna be doing
it. And I think possib lainie kazan, michael constantine, who plays the
father. Andrea martin and stuff, so it’s gonna — I think it’ll do good.

Carson: I was shocked to learn that, you know, you’re doing “rent” through
— you started, what, like in april or something? You’re doing it through
december 22nd. It’s a long run joey’s been in “rent.” And the schedule
is rigorous at best. Tell everybody. I mean, you do eight shows a week.

Joey: Eight shows a week, yeah. We two shows saturday, two shows sunday.
My only day off is wednesday. So it’s a little bit —

Carson: And of course, my first stupid question for you was — well,
how do you — can you go out and, like, drink with the boys? And what is
your life like in new york?

Joey: Well, I do go out. Well, it’s fun. I always go out on pretty much
every night. Well, the most time is I go out tuesday nights because I have
my wednesdays off. So, you know.

Carson: But you didn’t even want the lead part initially, right?

Joey:O, well, I just auditioned. They basically said — when I tried
to basically call up. I was ei going to do “rent” or “beauty and the beast,”
believe it or not. I wanted to do one or the other. Something totally different.
So I went and called, find out what the casting people were and who did
that. And they said, “well, you know, we’ll get you an audition.” I said,
“that’s cool.” They said, “hey, you want to try out for roger?” I said,
“fine.” When I got the music and everything, I was listening to it, I’m
like, “that’s a little bit too high.” And they’re like, “well, just sing
it anyway.” And I’m like, “all right.” So as I started singing it, one
of the high notes kind of cracked, sounded like crap, whatever. So they
saw the potential there, though, because they called me back like the next
day — actually that day and said, “hey, do you think you can come back
and audition for mark?” And I said, “sure.” So and mark obviously is more

a somewhat of a nerdy guy, filmmaker. And he’s more of the narrator,
actually. He tells — basically sets up the whole story of the show.

Carson: Right. And it runs through december 22nd. You’re doin’ great
job. And it’s tough vocally for you.

Joey: Yeah, the first week or two was very vigorous, as far as —

Carson: Are you a better singer now, after doing “rent,” then all of
your years in ‘n sync?

Joey: I think a lot more strong. Yeah, I think it’s just a lot more
stronger, ’cause you’re working eight shows a week. You’re doing, you know,
four shows on the weekend, which the first weekend, I was like —

[ Whispering ] “Okay, can I take a break now?” It was just like horrible.

Carson: Two quick questions before you go. How’s your daughter?

Joey: Good. She’s doing great. She’s the type of person — kid now that
— “give me that. No, don’t touch this. Take that.” She’s always grabbing
things, but she’s great. It’s hard for me, in a sense, though, too, because
I’m always here. She comes in and out, you know, as far as going home and
then coming here.

Carson: It’s crazy to me that you’re a father. I mean, that’s just insane.

Joey: Well, you know, you saw how small she was the first time when
we were over in atlanta.

Carson: ‘N sync gonna record another record?

Joey: I think so. Yeah, we’re gonna tually have a meeting to find out
and determine when we’re gonna start writing.

Carson: Despite the fact of justin’s album doing well or not?

Joey: Yeah. Yeah, we’re supposed to have a meeting. I know that he’s
gonna be — he possibly might be going out on tour for about a month or
so, which is gonna be in the beginning of next year, I think. And then
we’re gonna start writing probably in march or april.

Carson: Good. It’s great to have you here, joey. I appreciate it.

Joey: Thank you, I appreciate it.

Carson: We’ll watch you in “rent.” “My big fat greek wedding” and “the
cooler,” of course.

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