Joey Fatone Stops By MTV’s Total Request Live

of *NSYNC stopped by MTV’s Total Request Live on Wednesday to clear up that wedding rumor, talk about his role in ‘Rent’, and what’s up with the other guys in the band. While he wasn’t sure who started the rumor, kinda did. As you may recall, someone submitted the item that they had been secretly wed, I contacted my source at New York Daily News, he contacted *NSYNC’s rep who didn’t confirm or deny the story, and there is how the rumor started. Read on for a transcript.

Oh, boy are you ready for a lot of noise? Joey fatone is here we’ll
ask h about a marriage thing. Bring him out here. Where is he? Is he comin’


 There he is!

[Background music]

 Good to see ya. Nice to meet you you are like, who is this

 You are actually taller than I am.

 You are slightly more handsome.

 The facial hair.

 How you feelin’.

 Good, real good.

 Good to be back in New York.

 I’m actually here for a while.


 Yeah, Brooklyn




 This is kind of National Enquire-ish but I gotta ask you.


 Rumors are circulating you married your 9-year girlfriends Kelly
Baldwin and have a 14-month old son right.


 Daughter. I want a drum roll here if we can get one [Drum roll].

 Are the rumors true?

 I’m not married yet.

 Not yet.

 Not yet.

 Girls can cheer.

 We have a friendship ring on not yet.

 Years. Not ready.

 We’ve still been together and yes we have a daughter and everything
but obviously I’ve been so busy and everything but want to make sure it
is the right time and everything.

 Where did this rumor start.

 I don’t know from award shows if we come down and actually have
matching rings, friendship rings.

 Good luck with that, hopefully.

 Thank you. Yeah, it will happen soon.

 Another question, this is kind of a big one, you are doin’ the
actin’ thing, my big fat greek wedding, justin’s solo album and lance in

 Somewhere, yeah.

 Orbiting the atmosphere. What’s with *NSYNC.

 We are just takin’ a break right now, takin’ a break oh, nothin’
we’re comin’ become.

 Like they haven’t worked their butt off.

 It is funny. You are gonna get to see everybody come around. Obviously
Lance will be up in space and Justin out with his solo album and I’m actually
gonna be here.

 Here in New York.

 Doin’ “Rent”.

 That’s right on Broadway.


 We’ll talk about that hang out have fun and talk to female members
of audience that want to talk with you. More with Joey after the break
we have to do right now at no. 6 her fan reponded in a major
way crackin’ the top 3


 Trl is on, Damien hostin’ for Carson today. hangin’
out from *NSYNC.

 Loud crowd out here today.

 I know. You’ll be screaming doing broadway with “Rent” tell us
about this. You’ve been a’ even before *NSYNC.

 A lot of musicals and theaters and Shakespeare thing and since
we had this time off I always wanted to do Broadway two of my favorites
were “Beauty and the Beast” and “Rent” kinda called them up and they said,
we’ll give you an audition, very humbling.

 You did audition.

 For Roger for the first time and they were like, oh, great. I
said the music was high but you did a good job next week can you come back
and try out for mark and I said sure. I auditioned if mark and the next
day they said we would like you to play mark if you would love to.

 Are you nervous? You’ve done plays before like a one-take deal
you if mess up.

 You mess up you keep going.

 This is Broadway.

 Yeah, you can’t mess up. If you mess up, you are a dork or somethin’.
It’s bad it is a lot of apprecishu but exciting, you know, somethin’ different
for me. It will be kinda cool obviously I’m back in new york and will be
here for a while so, hopeful y guys will check it out.

 Cool, hang out, have fun.


 We are going to field some questions from Joey fans (888) 311-4343
to ask a question. When we return we’ get to the phone calls okay.


 Are you ready.

 I’ll be here.

 Cool. Down to nelly and avril again, two videos, they can’t see
eye to eye that’s the thing. We’ll recap today’s countdown as we hang out
with Joey Fatone


 Welcome back to TRL. Times square. Damien hangin’ out with Joey
Fatone, who has to pee so we’ll make this quick.


 You got to pee.

 Yeah. Don’t worry. I’ll dot pee-peedance I’ll be all right.

 The challenge for the children’s charity basketball game is going
on *NSYNC does it every year.

 The fourth, I believe. We had close to New York and Atlanta, one
in Vegas and now one July 27th and 28th in Orlando.

 Tell us about it.

 A challenge for the children, a charity basketball game actually
a weekend believe it or not, basically like we do a bunch of obstacle courses
and stuff the first day, the second day a big basketball event a lot of
different people like Shannon Elizabeth, Usher, Tae Diggs, actors and celebrities.
It will be fun.

 All right. Have fun doin’ that and also we’ll take a question
from a fan who is on the line, Lisa from Wisconsin right.

 Phoner: Yep.



 You are with Joey Fatone.

 How is it goin’.

 Phoner: Pretty good and you.


 Have you got a question for him.

 Phoner: I heard a rumor you hung out with high school graduates
is that true.

 It is true. It is interesting. I was in New York and two of my
friends Richie and Mike I was hangin’ out with from Brooklyn and we went
to a club and after it drove down the street and I can’t remember the club,
maybe Supper Club or something as we drove by a big line of people I’m
like what’s going on over there so our driver is like hey there’s actually
some sort of after-high sooool, they graduate, whatever they have a big
party at the club, I said let’s go in and say wha’ssup. He said he want
to and I’m like why not. It was interesting, said, hey, they had like a
kissing contest.

 Did you host that.

 No they wanted me to. I was like nah. It was fun, a couple people,
a kissing contest, two women won, two girls kissin’, that was fun.

 This girl is hot but not as Nelly this is Avril Lavigne “Complicated”
we get back to the countdown at no. 2 with “Complicated” on TRL


 It’s TRL and damien hangin’ out fillin’ in for Carson with Joey
Fatone thanks for comin’ by.

 Thank you appreciate it.

 Don’t forget about “Rent” starting all all — August 5th.

 Through December 22nd.

 We’ll watch for that

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