Joey Fatone Talks About Media Attention & Baby

Joey Fatone of was featured on MTV’s Total Request Live on Tuesday to talk about being a father and dealing with the media. Fatone said, “Oh, I just laugh at it. I mean, ’cause for me, I was datin’ Chyna and somebody else and all this other stuff and people found out obviously I had a kid so I have almost a year-old daughter now and it’s been wonderful. People make up rumors and lie and all that stuff. That’s true. She’s almost a year old. Here I can actually talk about it, she’s on the road with me right now.”

Joey says his baby girl was going to concerts even before she was born. “My girlfriend [Kelly Baldwin] thought you know it was going to be really loud for her but meanwhile she was pregnant she came to some of our concerts so you hear — babies hear things 10 times louder because they are in fluid. She was dancin’ away, did not care. Didn’t startle her or scare her or nothing.” As for being an unwed father under a media microscope, he adds, “They can say all they want but obviously I know the whole truth of my life. Sometimes, though, people know more about my life than I do myself.”

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