Joey Fatone Talks With Conan O’Brien

star Joey Fatone was on Late Night with Conan O’Brien on Thursday, where he talked about his Broadway role in ‘Rent’, his hit movie ‘My Big Fat Greek Wedding’, and what’s up with the other guys in *NSYNC. Joey also explained how he gets grief over his last name ‘Fat-One’ and joked, “just a lot of women that saw me from the waist down,
that’s why they call me Fat One.” Read on for a transcript.

Conan: All right, everybody, we’ve returned. My next guest is a member
of the musical group ‘n sync. Currently, he’s roadway in “rent” and in
the film “my big fat greek wedding.” Please welcome joey fatone.

[ Cheers and applause ]

Conan: How are you, my friend?

Joey: I’m doing pretty darn good.

Conan: My feelings were terribly hurt once because we had lance, your
friend lance bass on the show. And I offered him what I think is my best
dance move — the string dance.

Joey: Oh, really?

Conan: Where you tug an invisible string.

[ Cheers ] And I was like —

Joey: And he didn’t use it?

Conan: He totally stoned me. He like had no interest. And I thought,
one of you guys has to use that.

Joey: Well, I can do it in the show “rent” that I’m doing right now.
I can do it every night, if you’d like.

Conan: Work it in.

Joey: I definitely will.

Conan: And then make sure I’m — look, you’re totally just blowing me
off right now.

Joey: You know, I am. That’s what I’m doing.

Conan: I’m gonna go to that show, and if I don’t see that move —

Joey: If you’re there, I will do it.

Conan: Is this doing anything for you right now?

Joey: Oh, I don’t know.

Conan: Yeah, exactly.

[ Scattered cheers ]

Joey: I can do it. I can get away with that.

Conan: Let me ask you quickly about lance. Is — he’s not going into
space now?

Joey: That’s what I’ve been hearing. I haven’t talked to him yet, but
as far as I know, yeah. He’s not going ’cause of the funds and everything.
Something got all screwy. But he still is, is dedicated and I think he’s
gonna try to do it next year. He’s still — it might be even the might,
I have no clue.

Conan: What is this about — you know the guy. Why does he so desperately
want to orbit the earth?

Joey: He’s always wanted to do it as a kid.

Conan: Always wanted to do this.

Joey: Yeah. He always talked about it when he was younger. When we even
were — you know, with the group, ‘n sync, he’s always been like, “I’ve
always wanted to become an astronaut before I even wanted to sing,” and

Conan: But you know what’s so funny? A lot of little kids say like,
“I wanna be an astronaut.”

[ Laughter ] And then — and then they don’t go do it. But he’s like,
“no, I’m raising $20 million and I can do it.”

Joey: Exactly. Yeah, he’s trying.

Conan: Did you ever have any thought — has he ever said to you, like,
“hey, man, come with me, we’re buddies”?

Joey: No. Actually, there’s like four people in a capsule and I don’t
think my fat ass would fit in it.

[ Laughter ]

Conan: Not true.

Joey: He looked at me, he goes, “hey, I gotta –” my feet are on the
ground I would never want to go. But he said — honestly, he goes, he’s
pretty big as far as tall, and how big — he’s not fat, but — it’s a small
capsule. I mean, it’s a small, tight thing. Actually, J.C. Went to go see
him over in houston when he was doing some training. And it’s some small
stuff that you gotta fit thorough and everything else.

Conan: They gotta grease them before they get into it.

[ Laughter ]

Joey: That’s right.

Conan: That’s just the rumor I’ve heard.

Joey: Lube up, yeah.

Conan: Who, of all of you guys, who does the best with the ladies?

Joey: Ladies? Well, it depends. ‘Cause a lot of times we’ll do, like,
you know, signings or meet-and-greets. And they’ll go down the line, they
see justin. It’s like, “oh, justin, you’re so cute. I love your voice.”
They’ll go to chris, “oh, you’re the crazy one.” You know, “I love you.”
Then they go to lance, “oh, lance, you have beautiful eyes.” They’re green.

[ Light laughter ] Then they go, you know — they go to J.C., “Oh, you
got a fantastic voice.” Then when they come to me, they go, “hey, my mom
would like to take you home and cook you dinner.”

[ Laughter ] I get the moms all the time, which isn’t bad, though.

Conan: That’s not a bad thing.

[ Laughter ]

Joey: That’s not a bad thing at all.

Conan: I don’t think. Now, justin is working on a cd. He’s got a solo


Conan: And he’s off making the solo videos. How do you guys feel about

Joey: That’s cool. I think it’s great. I mean, everybody — like I said,
we’re taking a break. Everybody’s doing their own thing. J.C.’S doing writing
and stuff with that. I’m, like I said, I’m doing “rent.” And “my big fat
greek wedding’s” doing wonderful.

Conan: Right.

Joey: And we give him a lot of credit. Go out there and do it. But I
mean, you know, later on, I think in the beginning, like in the middle
of next year, I’m gonna start writing and come out with another album.

Conan: Now, the other thing is that justin was saying, like, “I’m going
solo. I’m going solo.” And then I watched the video music awards, and he’s
out there with like five other guys dancing next to him.

[ Laughter ] And, I think — and I was like, “what’s that?”

[ Cheers and applause ] No. He —

[ Applause ] No, I just staring,I’ going solo. I’m going –” “here’s
justin timberlake and five other guys!” You know?

Joey: I don’t get it either. But, the song is great, love the song.
Can’t complain about it. But it was funny, seeing it with, you know, couple
of the guys — it was like, “well, we could’ve done that right?”

[ Laughter ]

Conan: Yeah, right. He found look-alikes.

[ Laughter ] And their names a little different. There’s a josh faton

[ Light laughter ]

Joey: Right. There’s a C.J.

Conan: Right. That gets by. Now, people give you a hard time sometimes
’cause of your last name.

Joey: Yeah.

Conan: It’s fatone, and they make —

Joey: Yeah, they —

Conan: — Give you like a mean nickname.

Joey: Well, it’s not mean. Fatone — f-a-t-o-n-e, they say “fat one.”
I mean, everybody’s always like, “well, were you fat when you were young?”
And I’m like, “no, just a lot of women that saw me from the waist down,
that’s why they call me fat one.”

[ Cheers and applause ] It’s a late show, right? I can say that.

Conan: Yeah, that whole thing about moms wanting to take you home now.

[ Laughter ]

Joey: It just completely destroyed that.

Conan: That’s totally out the window. All these moms are like, “that
was horrible! But I still love him.”

[ Light laughter ] Let’s talk about “my big fat greek wedding.” This
is a great thing for you, because, a lot of people, it takes them like
60 tries to be in a good movie. Do you know what I mean?

Joey: This was my first film.

Conan: Yeah, it’s your first movie. And no one knew anything about this
movie. And then it didn’t really get any promotion at all. And then, this
thing just took off. And now, it’s always like number two.

Joey: Yeah. It’s almost — it almost reached, I believe like today or
soon, they said it’s gonna reach $100 million.

Conan: $100 million.

Joey: Yeah, it’s amazing.

Conan: That’s incredible.

Joey: And it only took what, $5 million to make? So they’re laughing
all the way to the bank right now.

Conan: Right. Was it fun to do?

Joey: Oh, it was great. I mean, lainie kazan, andrea martin, nia vardalos,
gia carides, all those people — they’re just a wonderful cast. John corbett
and all them. It was just fantastic work, for me, because obviously, I
had taken myself out of that element — as far as ‘n sync — and then putting
it into a film. And that was my first one before I did “on the line,” like
I said.

Conan: Right.

Joey: It was just — it was incredible. It was exciting to see, you
know, and finally — for people to see me and perceive me as an actor,
not just a singer. ‘Cause it’s very hard to train —

Conan: The thing you did that was smart, though, is that a lot of like
singers or dancers, when they get their first movie, they always play,
“joey fatone plays chris jones, a singer and dancer.”

[ Laughter ] You know, “who’s with a popular group of other guys called
‘n coordination.”

[ Laughter ] You know what I mean? And it’s just like —

Joey: Yeah, no, I wanted —

Conan: You played a character part. That was smart.

Joey: I’ve always wanted — and that’s what I really want to do, and
hopefully keep doing, is do a lot of ensemble acting. I don’t even want
to come out there and be this big star.

Conan: See, when I do my movie, I’m not gonna be like, “he was a talk
show host.” I’m gonna be “a bad-ass detective who plays by his own rules.”

[ Laughter ] You know, go with something completely different.

[ Applause ]

Joey: You have to.

Conan: See, I’m smart. “Rent,” of course, now playing on broadway. And
“my big fat greek wedding” is in theaters now. Joey, thanks for stopping

Joey: Thank you.

Conan: Really good to have you.

[ Cheers and applause ] Joey fatone.

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