Johann Aguilera Blasts Lying Christina And Her Mother

Christina Aguilera’s uncle Johann Aguilera is continuing his attack on the diva and her mother Shelly Kearns over their abuse charges leveled at Fausto Aguilera, Christina’s father. Johann blasted to Globe magazine, “Christina is a liar! She’s been brainwashed by her mother and she’s painted Fausto, her loving father, as an abusive monster. She’s singing that my brother ruled hermother with his fists and she’s saying that he punched her – a four-year-old – in the face, making her bleed. It’s lies, it’s nonsense, it’s made up and it’s getting worse the more she works on it.” He added, “My brother could not do anything like that – who could? What father could hit a toddler so she bled, then ignore her? It’s a cruel vicious fairy tale!”

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One thought on “Johann Aguilera Blasts Lying Christina And Her Mother

  1. irene taylor says:

    we don’t know if Christina’s allegations of abuse are true or exaggerated. and I doubt if you were present 24/7 so you wouldn’t know for sure either. however, I’m surprised by ur questioning whether a parent could strike a 4 yr old & cause bleeding. read the paper or watch the news. it happens ALL THE TIME!!!

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