John Mayer Appears On ‘Last Call With Carson Daly’

was on ‘Last Call with Carson Daly’ on Friday to perform and talk about living the rock star dream. Mayer joked that when he sees people tell their friends to “turn around” to look at him, he says, “It’s so uncomfortable. It’s like nobody. I’m Jason Mraz — move on.” Read on for a transcript.

Carson: All right. Welcome back. Thank you. Thank you. That feels really good. I appreciate that. John Mayer’s here, too, by the way.

[ Cheers and applause ] I’ve been around the screaming girls at MTV,
and it’s usually ’cause people like yourself come over to the show and hang out. But, I mean, there’s so many of them. When you were a kids, is this how you envisioned — I mean, you must get recognized everywhere. Is this the rock star dream you always wanted?

John: Most of it — I’m actually really lucky, because most of it I’d been prepared for. The thing that happens when you’re dreaming — you know
this — you dream certain parts, and other parts you leave out. Like girls coming up, like throwing themselves at you. You dream about that, but you don’t dream it when it actually happens. You’re like, “maybe you should cover that up.”

[ Laughter ] You become like a turtle. You’re like —

Carson: It’s not the same girl in the dream.

John: It’s not the same girl.

[ Talking over each other ]

John: It’s not fantasy girl anymore. It’s like, “don’t you think that maybe you should put that back on?

[ Laughter ]

[ Applause ] You always dream about being famous. My dream was, like, I’m gonna go to the mall — I’m gonna be too famous. I’m gonna have to leave.

[ Laughter ] But now, you’re never too famous. You’re always, like, a little bit famous. So, like, one person — and for every one person that knows me, there’s, like, ten who don’t. So, it’s really embarrassing when someone comes up to you, there’s, like, four more people behind you going, “who is he?”

[ Laughter ]

Carson: Yeah, yeah, yeah. “Call the kids. Find out who he is. Who are you? I saw the kids — they were going crazy. Who are you.”

[ Laughter ]

Carson: Yeah, they just kind of look at you, sort of all over. Like, “turn around.”

John: It’s so uncomfortable. It’s like nobody. I’m Jason Mraz — move on.

[ Laughter ]

[ Cheers ]

Carson: No, they know that’s not true.

Ted Alexandro: And the new thing now is, don’t sign something. It’s now, “here, talk to –” ’cause it’s the new, like, cell phone age.

John: I can’t do it. The cell phone’s off.

Ted: They put it in your ear, “go — her name is kim.”

John: I can’t do it.

[ Laughter ] Like “hold on, let me take a picture.” “What, are you gonna call the photographer?” “Oh, no — there’s a camera on the phone.” What are you gonna do with the picture once it’s on the phone? You don’t even know how to get it off the phone.

[ Laughter ]

Ted: No, I think you can e-mail it immediately.

Carson: I want to mention a couple of things. You just played a show with Eric Clapton and buddy guy and B.B. King. Some of the greats.

[ Cheers ] And, quickly, how were they with you being so young and playing with them?

John: My respect for that kind of music is so deep, and they kind of welcomed me in this weekend. I feel knighted.

Carson: And then there’s the big summer tour, and DJ Logic. That starts July 2nd.

[ Cheers ] Good luck with that.

John: Thank you.

Carson: All right, John’s gonna play us out.

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