John Mayer Challenges TMZ To Produce His Mug Shot… They Succeed

issued a challenge to TMZ’s Harvey Levin to produce his mugshot, offering $25,000 to charity of Harvey’s choice if they could, and the celebrity web site succeeded in finding the picture taken for a 2001 arrest for driving with a suspended license in Atlanta, Georgia. The singer songwriter told his Twitter followers (@johncmayer):

I was arrested for the same offense as Patrick Stump. (FTA). It’s the lamest answer to the question “why you in here?”

Challenge: if Harvey Levin at TMZ can produce my mugshot, I will donate 25k to the charity of his choice.

Tremendous reply. RT @frenchs Wait, didn’t you get arrested for attempting to solicit a Canine police officer?

@HarveyLevinTMZ Hint: in the first half of the naughts, in the home of the Brave.

Well done, TMZ. But the real winners today are the puppies. Proof of payment on the way…

per @harveylevintmz, 25k to be split between two charities: Pet Orphans ( and Ace of Hearts (

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