John Mayer Crosses Over Into Hip Hop

posted footage of his foray into hip hop in a video clip at his YouTube channel. “Where Kanye blazed trails with his singing on ‘808 and Heartbreak’, I have decided to cross over into hip hop,” Mayer writes. Watch Mayer’s hand controlling an Akai MPC-2500 below.

Wishes Harm On Ronald McDonald

March 4, 2009 – Among John Mayer’s observations on Twitter (@johncmayer) on Wednesday (March 4):

I think if you finish a Tweet with characters to spare you should get rollover letters.

Picture Ronald McDonald tumbling down a flight of stairs while on fire and tell me you’re not laughing out loud.

I’m about to call my shrink. Nothing’s really wrong so I’m going to make some stuff up to talk about. Like how I eat to mask my dyslexia.

Enjoying my delicious new downloadable lunch, ‘thai_pork.fd.’ You eat it with fork.utl and drink grape_soda.bvg. Download FoodReader!!

Dig this…20 years ago it was 1989. Not that long ago, right? 20 more ago, 1969! 20 more, 1949!!! Time ain’t that big, people.

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