John Mayer Discusses Grammy Nomination Show

talked with CBS about his participation in the Grammy nomination show, where he teamed up to perform with BB King, as well as the feeling he has received winning the top music honor.

“When someone asks you will you play with BB King, it’s not much of a wrangle,” Mayer said about the legendary blues guitarist. “It’s more like me running up to the opportunity. Any opportunity to even play with BB King is like the first time every time, and I will stop everything to make it happen. It’s a collaboration on stage. It’s so old and been played so many times it’s hard to remember who wrote it, but let the good times roll.”

“The feeling of winning always needs to be investigated about 24 hours after, because it is such an adrenaline rush, and you are really sort of working only off your animal brain,” the singer songwriter explained. “You don’t really have your civilized mind. Your animal mind is doing everything you can to pull your civilized mind together and go, ‘Okay, say something, say something say something.’ So it really is sort of your best impression of yourself, because you’re so overwhelmed by it.”

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