John Mayer Ends Relationship With Jennifer Love Hewitt

While John Mayer was photographed walking hand-in-hand with Jennifer Love Hewitt last month, he revealed to Entertainment Weekly that their relationship is over. “It was a strange little detour that I took for a minute,” he said. “Hopefully the people who listen to my music can relate to it in their life — save for the People magazine part. It’s really just an all-American, boy meets girl, check it out, fall madly in love, go overboard to the point of no return, and then do your best to get over it story. It sucks. Because the idea of it was fantastic. It just didn’t work. And I hate that. Because I would’ve been loyal. And I was, but it just didn’t…. I hope I’m not being too cryptic. It’s not anything [other] than two people being very different. And hopefully I can go through it and not be cheesy about it and not be the guy in People, but just the normal heavyhearted guy.”

John Mayer Says He Has An Uncool Fanbase

July 25, 2002 – Anastasia Pantsios of the Cleveland Plain Dealer chatted with John Mayer who admits his fanbase is comprised of people who are distinctly uncool. “My lyrics are clearly by somebody who’s doing nothing but sitting down and thinking about themselves all day,” he explained. “It’s not ‘Hey, how are you doing?’ but ‘Please let me purge and tell you what it’s like right now.’ I think the people who latched onto my music live inside their own heads and have been second-guessed for it a lot.”

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One thought on “John Mayer Ends Relationship With Jennifer Love Hewitt

  1. grabafella says:

    I don’t know what he EVER saw in her…. I just don’t understand it at all. He just doesn’t seem like the type to fall for the Hollywood drama queen.

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