John Mayer Goes On ‘Chelsea Lately’ Twitter Attack

live tweeted coverage of E!’s ‘Chelsea Lately’ on Monday night, taking several shots at host Chelsea Handler who has been giving the singer songwriter a rough time. Among Mayer’s Twitter posts (@johncmayer):

east coast people who have already seen the telecast, please don’t give away any of her biting satire. I want to not laugh.

What color is her hair? It’s not dirty blond. Filthy blond?

This show is so unfunny it just stripped jokes off of other funny things.

So far this show has come through with its promise of lots of exclamation points but zero E.

I think I just heard Chelsea’s chair yawn.

I kid, I kid. We’re just having She has a great crowd tonight. It’s called “laughter.mp3”

That was Chelsea bashes me all the time, can’t I bash her one night on my Twitter? Yes. (The answer is yes.)

John Mayer Leaving Dan Tana’s

August 10, 2009 – John Mayer was spotted leaving Dan Tana’s with friends via the back door in West Hollywood on Saturday night (August 8). After the singer songwriter hopped in the back of an awaiting SUV, security got upset with paparazzi blocking the driver from exiting. Watch footage below.

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11 thoughts on “John Mayer Goes On ‘Chelsea Lately’ Twitter Attack

  1. youmustbejoking says:

    wow..that’s some wimpy bashing there

  2. Kevin says:

    John can thank Jennifer Aniston for his troubles. Jennifer use her hag circle of chicks and fans for to bash people do will not do her bidding.

  3. Ellie says:

    What Chelsea hurt your little feelings, is that why you fired back at her. John I’m sure you didn’t put a dent in Chelsea at all. Chelsea has ice water in her veins. John you just made your self look more gay. Just stay away from Jen and her goddess circle of friends and you will be fine. Soon Jen will get another man and her goddess circle will leave you alone.

  4. uhhhhh says:

    So you guys are talking down John Mayer on a blog that talks about his twats (twits, tweets, whatever)… he might not show up here to read that

  5. brittany says:

    I love love love Chelsea Handler! Those jokes were bad and she has good reasons to bash on John because of how he acts in the media.

  6. Lmao @ John Mayer... says:

    John Mayer sounds so dumb! I love his music but, he really needs to leave the jokes to Chelsea Handler. She IS funny and John just can’t take a joke. John get a life please and get over self. But keep making music!

  7. loid says:


  8. Britt Britt says:

    Haha.. John Mayer talks about his “twats”.. that’s the funniest thing I’ve read yet. Good job. Chelsea Handler is so freaking hilarious.. Stick to what you know, Mayer.

  9. Mike Miller says:

    Hahaha, gotta love John. you gotta admire someone who is committed enough to even stay up for her show. isn’t it on at like 2:30 AM? seems a fitting time for someone with her level of talent

  10. rachel says:

    wow… that was terribly embarrassing to read and not even the slightest bit funny. I love John Mayer a little less now. Good try though I guess.

  11. Lexa says:

    John……aren’t dirty blondes…your specialty ?
    why get mad that she does not like YOU….when you had no problem degrading a race of black women last month. OMG you do need to grow up. Another sad story…this fly blk sister used to admire your music….till personally read PBOY…wow you really got some nerve…I can’t listen to your music no more.. Please Johnny boy …start dating separately from your penis…promise.. we will teach you how to treat a lady!

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