John Mayer Offers Praise For Dave Barnes

checked in with fans on his blog at his official site on Thursday (July 6). “How do I say this diplomatically? I don’t love everything I hear,” Mayer writes. “I think that’s fair to say. When I hear something I do love, it stands out. And if it’s in the singer/songwriter genre, it sticks out like a sore thumb. Dave Barnes is that sore thumb. My thumb aches for Dave Barnes (one word: T-Shirt!). I was trolling the internet a while back – for songs – and came across a tune of his called ‘Grace’s Amazing Hands’ and I was immediately floored. Dave and I have kept up over the years, but it took listening to his tunes recently to realize that I’ve been comatose when it comes to calling out his name in public… He’s one of those rare talents that comes so complete out of the box that you can’t ask to change a thing, even if you think at first you want to. It just is – and it’s great. Dave has never pounced on me, he sends his CD and then – rightfully so – let’s the music do the promoting. And he’s right in thinking it works. Even though I’m late as hell in responding.”

The praise prompted a quick response from Barnes on his MySpace (@davebarnes):

…I’ve been making music down here in Nashville looking over my shoulder over the years to see if people I love have been looking – today I found out that someone I extremely respect and admire has. None other than Jonathan Aloicious Caramel Mayer, III. He was so kind as to post a blog about what I’m doing – a HUGE blessing and honor for me.

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