John Mayer Reacts To Jiverly Voong & Richard Poplawski Shooting Sprees

is weighing in on two mass shootings in the U.S. in less than a day, with 41-year-old Jiverly Voong killing 13 people before shooting himself in Binghamton, New York on Friday, followed by an attack earlier today in Pittsburgh, where three officers responding to a domestic disturbance call were murdered by 23-year-old gunman Richard Poplawski, who was arrested after a standoff. The singer songwriter writes on his Twitter page (@johncmayer):

How many more shooting sprees need to take place per week before somebody asks the question “how do we get this to stop?” 4 x a day?

does cable news tread lightly on gun control discussion because they know their core demo would take it as an affront to their rights?

Here’s the tricky part: people who own guns for protection have an innate resistance to killing. Those aren’t the guns to control.

Analogy license REVOKED! : ) RT @magstheaxe …is like taking away cars because of the occasional drunk driver.

I have a gun at home that’s very hard to control. It weighs 90 pounds, thrashes around wildly and spurts hot oil whenever you touch it.

clarification: “gun control” is apparently a phrase that denotes a political policy. I should say “do something about people getting shot.”

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2 thoughts on “John Mayer Reacts To Jiverly Voong & Richard Poplawski Shooting Sprees

  1. norris hall says:

    This is the NRA’s proudest moment

  2. siuei says:

    I think guns should be banned.

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