John Mayer Reacts To Tiger Woods Losing Accenture Endorsement Deal

was spotted arriving in Los Angeles with a female friend on Sunday (December 13). Pictures from have since been removed.

The singer songwriter took to his Twitter (@johncmayer) that day to weigh in on the news Tiger Woods had lost an endorsement deal with consulting and outsourcing firm Accenture in reaction to his marital infidelity. He writes:

Accenture just dropped Tiger. Apparently he was no longer a good fit with that company that nobody knows what the hell they do.

Dear Accenture, I would love to endorse your space shuttle parts. Or is it your sentient war machines? Tic Tac Toe scoreboards?

Do they make assgaskets? Motorized fake beard racks? Big pants for little people? Do they make dollhouse panic rooms?

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8 thoughts on “John Mayer Reacts To Tiger Woods Losing Accenture Endorsement Deal

  1. Lauren says:

    John, John, John! You’re missing the point.

  2. Henry says:

    John Mayer is a talented songwriter and musician, but outside of this arena, he’s an idiot.

  3. JM says:

    John, you might be busy with your stuff that’s why you don’t know the company.

  4. For Real says:

    John Mayer is right on the button. Accenture is an Ireland based company that specializes in taking over US IT operations and then firing the US employees to move the jobs to India…among other things, some of which John Mayer mentioned.
    Also? I’m not sure *why* Accenture fired the Tiger, actually.

    All Tiger did was outsource a critical function, and in the process, screwed a bunch of people! Seems like a perfect fit for Accenture!

  5. Hatster says:

    I hate to sound like a music Luddite but who’s John Mayer? We don’t know him in Europe.

  6. Tom Degan says:

    It’s hard for me to believe that I have resorted commenting on this silly Tiger Woods affair, but I can’t help but believe that 90% of this scandal is BS.

    There is a woman named Jamie Jungers who claims that Tiger spotted her in a crowd and told her how beautiful she was and that he just had to get to know her. They then went on to have a passionate affair. This obviously shallow woman claims that she was in bed with Woods when he received word that his father and mentor had passed away.

    Here’s where I am going to get into trouble. If her story is true then our man Tiger is out of control. Please forgive me but I wouldn’t give Jamie Jungers a second look if she were the last gal in the bar at 4AM and I had drank a quart of vodka. Google her image if you think I’m kidding.

    Tom Degan

  7. AL says:

    Oh Mr. Mayer, you have just professed your IDIOCY

  8. Domingo Zinni says:

    I hope the media and fans actually definitely give it to tiger. I’m sick and tired of these spoiled players plus the special treatment they get. I don’t care if he really does win this weekend, he is however scum in my book.

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