John Mayer Received Real Confidence Booster By Elton John reports received a “real confidence booster” when called him up and invited him to dinner. “It was no big deal. Look, making a record is like moving into a neighborhood. And Elton lives four doors down,” he said metaphorically. “He comes out in his bathrobe and knocks on my door. He says, ‘I like your music and I live down the street. If you need anything, just knock.'”

Elton Explains Why He Skipped Liza’s Wedding

March 21, 2002 – Contributed by chris: Today on Rosie’s 40th Birthday episode, Sir told Rosie why he skipped out of the Liza Minnelli wedding to David Gest last weekend. John said, “‘Why aren’t you coming? Why aren’t you coming?’ And they were so rude to us and this was a wedding and my mum was in town and I went out with my mother for her birthday which was a damn site better than going to Liza Minnelli’s bloody circus.”

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