John Mayer Saddened By Young Concertgoer’s Death

is reacting to news that 17-year-old Micayla Patterson died when the truck she was riding in was hit near downtown Tulsa after attending Mayer’s concert. John writes:

I’m sitting in my dressing room in Houston, having just read this terrible news. My heart and thoughts go out to Micayla’s family and her friends. This is just awful. Every night, over the course of two hours I come to care very deeply for every face in the crowd, and somewhere in that glance out over the audience for my final bow is the hope and the prayer that everyone gets home safely and carries out awesome, bright, beautiful lives. This won’t soon leave my mind, and tonight’s show is dedicated to Micayla’s memory as well as wishing for a quick recovery for the two other passengers injured.

I’m sending love tonight to everyone in Springdale.

With Deepest Sympathies,


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2 thoughts on “John Mayer Saddened By Young Concertgoer’s Death

  1. Carla says:

    Thanks, John. Your kindness and genuine sympathy is appreciated and refreshing coming from someone of your notoriety. –Carla, Springdale

  2. Mayra says:

    Last night at the Houston Concert I was deeply moved by your dedication. I also lost a son this year- a 19 year old gifted musician just like you. His dream was to “Change the music” and someday jam with you one day. He did not die leaving your concert, he passed quietly in our home…an accidental prescription drug overdose. He attended all your Houston concerts -sadly, last was the first one he missed. I cried last night for Mycayla…and my son. Your audience was overwhelmed by your pain and sadness followed by the amazing dedication of Edge Of Desire. Suddenly, I found a new meaning to this song and wept. May a light shine in your heart with a message preventing your fans and their families from a similar tragedy. (Alcohol/drug accidents) Love, “The Music Lives On” Houston, Texas

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