John Mayer Says Dating Love Hewitt Was An Awful Thing

Sonia Murray of The Atlanta Journal-Constitution chatted with John Mayer on his short-lived relationship with Jennifer Love Hewitt. Even though he doesn’t read books or watch movies, he did know who Jennifer was. “Come on now, I’m still a guy!” he laughs. “And may I say that was an awful thing. No, not the nature of the relationship, but the experience of living that in front of everybody. You know, you meet somebody and they automatically become normal to you. That’s how she was. Naive as it sounds, I didn’t feel like I was spending time with someone who was a movie star until, ‘Wait, there’s People magazine snapping pictures!'”

John Mayer Calls Justin Timberlake ‘A Classic’

September 8, 2002 – John Mayer commented on the MTV Video Music Awards performance by *NSYNC’s Justin Timberlake to Entertainment Weekly. “Any time you can watch someone come alive in front of your eyes it’s incredible,” Mayer gushed. “Justin’s a classic.”

John Mayer Has A Fantasy About Justin Timberlake

September 8, 2002 – The new issue of Spin magazine has John Mayer giving props to *NSYNC star Justin Timberlake. Mayer says, “I look at Justin with *NSYNC and I think, ‘Okay, these guys are wearing matching jackets that are made of Twizzlers, but there’s something waiting to happen there!’ I have this fantasy of coming up with three songs for Justin, with my approach to melody and his approach to singing.”

John Mayer Wants To Bring Music To The People

August 17, 2002 – Geoff Carter of the Las Vegas Weekly chatted with John Mayer ahead of his show at The Join (August 20). Mayer says despite praise heaped on him by Rolling Stone, Elton John, and others, he’s not fazed by the success. “All you have to do is bring music to people, and they’ll decide whether they like it or not,” says Mayer. “If an artist has a chance to have his music brought to people and they say, ‘No, thank you,’ that’s great. But when there’s a bunch of people walkin’ around who haven’t heard a bunch of records that if they had heard, they would love—there’s something wrong.”

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One thought on “John Mayer Says Dating Love Hewitt Was An Awful Thing

  1. mellowyellow says:

    Maybe now he’ll re-think his little crush on Justin Timberlake. You think Jennifer Love Hewitt gets followed around a lot. No, but really, John Mayer seems like a cool guy.

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