John Mayer ‘Waiting On The World To Change’ Live Video

John Mayer 'Waiting On The World To Change' single cover

John Mayer is set to release his live DVD ‘Where The Light Is: John Mayer Live In Los Angeles’ on July 1st on Sony BMG. Watch a performance of ‘Waiting On The World To Change’ from the disc at YouTube.

John Mayer And Jennifer Aniston’s Romanic Weekend In Miami

May 12, 2008 – John Mayer and new girlfriend Jennifer Aniston were spotted relaxing at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel in Miami on Saturday. The pair were spotted poolside at the hotel, kissing and eating salad. has details and a couple pictures.

‘John Mayer: Where The Light Is’ Trailer

May 10, 2008 – John Mayer posted the trailer for his upcoming multi-format live concert recording ‘John Mayer: Where The Light Is’, available July 1st.

“That’s the thing about people knowing anything about you before you meet them, is that you have to work just to get people back to not knowing anything about you,” Mayer said. “So, it would take me an hour at this point to ease someone’s mind into knowing nothing about me.”

Watch it via YouTube below.

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2 thoughts on “John Mayer ‘Waiting On The World To Change’ Live Video

  1. primar says:

    oh my god I love this song, it has so much meaning ,its I song that I can listen to it at any time even when I’m sad it just gives me encouragement. The world needs more people like John Mayer .

  2. the dude on the computer right now says:

    I agree, we need more John Mayers in this world

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