John Mayer: What Is A Douchebag?

After telling TMZ outside Stereo in New York City last month, “I’m kind of a douchebag. I got a little sick of myself … I’m insufferable,” the singer songwriter is apparently getting a little sensitive about the subject after noticing others have been using the ‘d word’ to describe him too.

“I know that I get called one,” Mayer writes. “Pete Wentz from Fallout Boy, by measure of a Google search, is a douchebag 11,100 times over, or the number of results that the search engine says exist. Zach Braff, who himself wrote one of the better films I’ve seen in the last decade is also frequently ‘bagged, as is some guy named Brody Jenner. In fact, if you want to go big, so is Michael Stipe, Bono (‘supreme douchebag’), Thom Yorke, Will Smith and Brad Pitt. Are you as confused as I am as to what the common denominator of douchiness is? Is it someone that comes off obnoxious? Self aggrandizing? Ignorant? Or is it just someone who exists out of another person’s comfort zone? And doesn’t that account for almost everyone in the world, celebrity or otherwise?” Mayer has since removed the posting from his blog.

John Mayer: Have Yourself A Gassy Christmas

December 18, 2007 – John Mayer had interesting Christmas wishes after prodding a paparazzo to ask him a question the other night in Hollywood. “You are the next Barbara Walters,” Mayer said after asking what he would wish for his fans. “World peace, but only within my fans. I wish my fans would be peaceful. And anyone who’s ever decided that maybe I’m just getting on their nerves. I wish them, like a GI disorder… I wish everyone in America, a really wonderful gastrointestinally based Christmas.” The singer then signed some autographs for some professional resellers, but outsmarted them by asking for their names and signing his name on top of theirs. The move makes it impossible for the resellers to remove their own name to put on eBay. has since removed the video.

John Mayer Records DVD Material

December 10, 2007 – John Mayer was spotted getting suited up at John Varvatos’ boutique in West Hollywood on Friday (December 7) with a camera crew in tow for his new DVD. Afterwards, the singer songwriter and his film making posse visited the Recording Studio. On Saturday, Mayer’s gig at Nokia Theatre in Los Angeles was recorded for the DVD. Then on Sunday, Mayer was on Mulholland Drive shooting a music video segment for the project. Check out pictures and video from X17. A blog posting on the project, with several photos from the Mulholland shoot, has since been removed from

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  1. Drake Jacobs says:

    its like calling you an ass or when you are acting assish. but if you want to know it is something omen clean there p***y out with dumb asses

  2. .carolinecblaker. says:

    Looks like the world needs more than I expected!

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