John Norris Talks With Justin & Christina

and star stopped by MTV’s Total Request Live on Wednesday to preview their Justified & Stripped tour with MTV’s John Norris. Read on for a rough transcript.

TRL: She’s going to hold out on me. Well, news caught up with the dynamic duo and we’re going to catch up with John Norris with that little package.

John: Guys, thank you very much. While you are out at the beach house, I’m here in phoenix where it’s 110 outside.

>> We have sung.

>> We do have sun.

>> It is hot. It’s hot.

John: It’s even hotter in here. Give you the two people who are bringing you as “rolling stone” calls it the sexiest tour on earth. Welcome, guys.

>> How did we get that title?

>> I don’t know.

>> Justin —

John: Are you excited? I feel like i have been talking about there tour for weeks now on TRL. Are you ready to get out there?

>> I’m sorry.

>> No, it’s good. I think people care about it.

>> We’re so excited. He’s just tired today.

>> No, we’re definitely ecstatic about getting our stuff out there and getting — sinking our teeth in.

John: Now, what was your reaction when they gave came up with the idea of you pairing up this summer? Do you remember when they first brought you the idea?

>> I think it was just good timing, both introducing ourselves as kind of new artists making a solo record, rather and me as making a — you know, a very personal record. Just the timing seemed right. We have known each other for years. And just felt good.

John: Both kind of breakout records. As i mentioned to Justin earlier they both have been on the charts almost the same amount of time. You sold almost exactly the same —

>> Yeah.

John: Weird karma is happening here. Definitely makes sense, right?

>> So it totally works. I have yet to see his show, and he has yet to see me show.

John: Nor did you talk about it.

>> Yeah, we kind of treated it like a festival. She’s giving them her and I’m giving them me.

>> As a co-headliner it’s better that way so we’re not together as a team doing — you know what I mean? Very like we’re giving the audience from one spectrum to the other, you know, and it goes through so many diverse moves. Theatrical changes. It’s great. I’m really happy with it. Very nervous.

John: See more details about the show in a little bit. We’ll ask a big question, will there be a Christina/Justin duet. Stick around, guys.


TRL: Right now, we’re going to check it out with two of them one more time. Let’s send it back out to the rehearsals. Check it out.

John: Thanks a lot. We’re back inside American West Arena in Phoenix. Which is a long, long way from the mickey mouse club, isn’t it?

>> Oh, yeah.

[ Laughter ]

>> He hates that.

>> It’s a long way.

John: Did you ever think you’d be here —

>> We used to talk about this, man.

John: Yeah?

>> Oh, yeah, we hope you make it one day. No, no we hope you make it one day.

>> No, we both recognized each other’s talents at an early age.

>> Yeah.

>> I don’t know. We joke around a lot, so you’ve got — I don’t know what’s going to happen. I don’t know.

>> But it will be a fun summer.

>> So Christina, our show —

>> A sexy summer.

John: You’re more of the stripped album and some of the first album?

>> I’m definitely reinventing some of the old songs to fit more appropriately with where I’ve grown musically and definitely I’m doing a lot of what’s on the stripped, taking it back to some Etta James who I love. And also some of my Latin — my Latin material which i cannot deny has found me.

Can’t leave that so, you know, it will take you through so many different places which is good.

John: I know you have been out on the road already in the U.S.A modified version of that show?

>> Yeah. We cut it down a little bit. Just to make sure that everybody has ample time. And, you know, I’m excited. It’s going to be great show to see two completely different artists. My bodyguards are actually walking backwards right now that’s the sound you hear.

The mechanical bodyguards. Yeah, thanks, guys.

John: Let me ask you the big question, will there be any kind of collaboration, any duet on stage the two of you?

>> I mean, who knows? I think right now we have been so busy putting our shows together that we haven’t had time to really sit down. I think it would have to be something off the cuff and original for that matter

>> If we’re just hanging out one day after the show or something, I think he’ll whip out his guitar, needing an instrument.

>> Or a cover or — we’ll see.

John: I’ve gotcha.

John: Well, we will keep you posted on that. I’m looking forward to this justified and stripped starts in Phoenix. Thank you so much. Good luck. Have a great summer.

>> Goo to see you, my friend. Back to the beach house

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