Johnny Cochran Talks Michael Jackson

Well-known lawyer Johnny Cochran was on Last Call with Carson Daly on Monday (Tuesday morning) talking about Michael Jackson’s beef with Sony Music. Cochran explained how Jacko feels ‘Invincible’ hadn’t bee promoted enough in his mind, and admitted the King of Pop was “eclectic” and “a very unique guy.” For a transcript to the portion of the chat, read on.

Carson: What is upset about?

Cochran: Well, I think he’s just upset about his latest album, “Invincible.” He didn’t feel it was adequately promoted. He feels that, you know, basically he has been tied to Sony, and they haven’t been true and fair to him. I think that’s what he believes.

Carson: And Sony’s argument in the paper today was, “that’s not true. We put $30 million into his promotion.” I interviewed him. He was willing to do some promotion. And they’re saying that —

Cochran: He did a lot of promotion. He did a lot of promotion.

Carson: And I think they just feel that it’s just — it’s 2002. It’s just not — isn’t as big as he once was.

Cochran: There’s a real dispute. He believes he’s still very big. You know, especially in places like Europe. He thinks they’re big. And everybody thinks they’re big, but he really believes that that’s a great album with some great songs. And so we’re gonna have to talk about it.

Carson: Does Michael seem just a little bit off to you?

Cochran: Well, no, I wouldn’t say off. I mean, I think he’s —

Carson: Well, what’s your impression of the guy? I met the first time when I interviewed him for the record.

Cochran: I think he’s eclectic. I think he’s a very unique guy.

Carson: “Eclectic.”

[ Laughter ] That’s the greatest —

Cochran: Is that a great word?

Carson: Eclectic and weird.

Cochran: But he’s also extremely talented.

Carson: Yeah. No, it has nothing to do with his talent. I’m thinking just a person, just as a human being on this planet.

Cochran: Extremely talented and eclectic.

Carson: And I think some might find it hard to believe that he’s a little upset about his royalty rate. Because he just seemingly has just so much.

Cochran: I think, you know — I think looks can be somewhat deceiving. You can have a lot, but if somebody’s taking what you have, that’s pretty tough. And I think he wants to fight for that. I really do.

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