JoJo Busy Writing Music, Gets Hacked

checked in with fans on her blog at MySpace (@jojoonline) on Monday (February 1), discussing new music, songwriting and getting hacked. The 19-year-old writes:

Hey Guys,

I have been writing music every day. I now have a HUGE catalog of original music, which I am excited for you all to hear!

Writing is a huge passion of mine, and something I have been doing since I COULD write; in elementary school. It is a great emotional outlet for me, and everything I have gone through, and am going through comes out in my music.

I continue to keep my head up; and remain positive; despite entities, and people who try to keep me down, and do not want me to succeed.

I hope 2010 has started off well, for all of you; and continues to bring you much joy, and hope!

Jo xoxo

ALSO…my e-mail accounts, Facebook, and Twitter accounts were hacked and taken over by an imposter. I apologize if any of you received e-mails from that person; who you thought was me. I DO NOT have a Facebook, or a twitter account, now, since I was hacked.

Update: JoJo has regained control of her Twitter:

Geeez! I hope this hacker problem doesn’t return. :/
Love you guys sooooo much!!!!!!!! Sorry for any confusion. I never started a formspring, so whoever was answering questions was not me. I don’t even know what that is to be honest!

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